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Red Bee Media LiveU MediaExcel 4K live distribution workflow

Red Bee Media LiveU MediaExcel 4K live distribution workflow

At IBC 2018, Red Bee Media, LiveU and MediaExcel demonstrate how we bring together the drame of live events and managed OTT platform with high quality 4K video encoding.

Throughout the IBC conference Red Bee Media willl be recording a 4K video stream on our exhibition stand ( Hall 5.B27) and from the 4K4 Charity Run held 07:00 on Saterday morning, 15 th September, close to the RAI exhibition Center, where Red Bee Media staff will be participating to help raise funds for a local and global nonprofit, Stichting NewTechKits and Iridescent.

"The 4K4 Charity event give us a unique opportunity to show how we can capture live 4K video in the field, then encode and deliver it to audiences via our state-of-the-art managed OTT services, in an efficient and streamlined way" says Kris Langbridge, Head of Tranformation and Distributin, Red Bee Media.

Building a 4K workflow fast with portability in mind.

Space and size are key factors when it comes to choosing the equipment we use on our busy exhibition stand and in the field, especially if we want to bring video from the heart of the event.

For portability, we selected the GoPro HERO 5 4K camera and a LiveU LU600 portable transmission unit that enables a secure high bandwidth broadcast feed over multiple mobile data connections. Combined with the 4K HEVC Pro Card, we have found that the LU600 delivers unparralleled video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency, in one of the smallest portable cellular bounding units in the market.

"We're increasingly seeing the impact of our 4K HEVC technology in the sports domain, most notably at the recent FIFA World Cup in Russia. Demonstrating our live 4K feeds in this innovative IBC project with Red Bee Media is an excellent way of show the high level of video quality attained on any OTT device", says Paul Shepherd, Regional Sales Director at LiveU.

The video will be received in our Media Gateway in Hilversum and monitored by our global MCR team, where we have installed the LU4000 bounded video receiver, which will reconstruct and playout an HEVC/H264 video stream of upto 4Kp50/60 over 12 G SD video feeds.

For the encoding solution, we chose MediaExcel's HERO 4K Ultra HD HEVC Encoder. We configured the solution with the HERO 4K to transcode and package a Microsoft Smooth Stream in an adaptive bitrate format towards our managed OTT service platform.

"The HERO 4K OTT encoder product line enables operators to deploy services across different workflows ( Live, VoD, Live2VoD, VoD2Live) and form factors ( appliance, virtual, cloud). MediaExcel has always advocated best-of-breed architecures, Red Bee Media's end-to-end architecture embodies exactly that and delivers quality, reliability and flexibility in a modular and cost-effictive value proposition." says Nikos Kyriopoulos, VP of Business Development, MediaExcel.

Once published on the OTT platform, users will be able to enjoy the 4K experience over Apple TV, iOS and Android devices, by viewing the live stream or selecting our catch-up feed.

A collaborative approach.

Thanks to Thomas Huurman, REd Bee Media, who configured the 4K workflow to optimize user experience, supported by Ad de Groot, Heynen B.V., LiveU and MediaExcel.

"Heynen is happy to contribute to Red Bee Media's live 4K workflow with the mobile 4K video uplink solutions from LiveU and the 4K OTT solution from MediaExcel. At IBC REd Bee Media is showing that broadcasters can benefit today from reliable live 4K workflow", says Lennart Heijnen, CEO Heynen.

For a full demonstration or to ask further question about our 4K workflow, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kristian Langbridge, Head of Transformation and Distribution, Red Bee Media.

Curious what we can do your you?
Please contact Ad de Groot at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  t +31 (0)485 550903  m +31 (0)6 209 58 712

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