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Heynen and Ferncast GmbH announce strategic Distribution Partnership in Belgium and the Netherlands

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This cooperation represents a significant milestone in Ferncast’s effort to expand its sales in Europe.

Ferncast, developer of innovative audio transmission software-driven solutions is happy to officially announce a sales and distribution partnership with Heynen for the Dutch and the Belgian markets and to add a premium distributor to its growing list of partners in Europe. 

Heynen supplies solutions in the field of professional electronics in the Benelux countries. We advise the best solution for our customers’ application based on the products from the top class suppliers we work with. We have a strong technical background and our professional services are essential to the solutions we market. 

From now on, we offer the whole range of Ferncast products in the Benelux countries. Our customers can benefit from aixtream software and Ferncast audio hardware products especially the fernStudio which is the perfect audio codec solution for sound and branch studios as well as OB vans. 

Both Ferncast and we are very excited about this new strategic partnership and the mutual benefits it will bring for both companies as well as for our customers. 

Lennart Heijnen, CEO of Heynen: ‘Heynen works for innovators. We distribute products from innovative companies for broadcast solutions in the Netherlands and Belgium. With Ferncast we have found a new partner who is developing innovative software solutions for all audio live applications. Their scalable software aixtream is available as full installation for a server or virtualization in the cloud. It is also running on all Ferncast audio hardware products. With our sales expertise and the innovative products of Ferncast we are convinced that we can deliver high quality audio transmission solutions in the Benelux countries’.

About Ferncast GmbH: Ferncast is a team of senior developers in digital media signal processing and systems engineering from Aachen, Germany. Ferncast is specialized in high quality audio transmission, audio streaming, and recording solutions. They offer both hardware and software products and they focus on virtualized solutions via their proprietary aixtream software. The Ferncast team develops new audio solutions to revolutionize the broadcasting industry.


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    Ferncast is a team of top developers in digital media signal processing and systems engineering from Aachen, Germany. Lead by Dr. Hauke Krüger, who is already known through multiple publications in the areas of digital signal processing, including significant contributions to the Opus codec algorithm, the Ferncast team develops new solutions to revolutionize the broadcasting industry.