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Seminar Invitation - Using the APx500 Application Programming Interface (API) april 2017

One-Day Seminar: Using the APx500 Application Programming Interface (API)
Brought to you by Audio Precision, this complimentary one-day event is an in-depth
discussion of programming with the APx500 audio measurement software's API.
The seminar is available in Budapest, Frankfurt and Edinburgh as detailed below.
Seating is limited - RSVP today.


LiveU Facilitaire samenwerking Regionale Omroepen bij het Noordelijk lijsttrekkersdebat 2017 Userreport door Jeroen Mennema Hoofd Mediafaciliteiten & ICT at RTV Noord

Woensdag 8 februari was in Groningen het eerste lijsttrekkersdebat in de aanloop naar de verkiezingen. Dit debat is op verzoek van SNN in samenwerking met de drie noordelijke regionale omroepen RTV Noord, RTV Drenthe en Omrop Fryslan geproduceerd én gefaciliteerd.

What is new in APx software 4-4

The latest release of APx500 audio measurement software, version 4.4, is available for download at

The release includes minor feature improvements, including regulation enhancements and the option to maintain Bluetooth® connection even when Bluetooth is not selected as output or input.

APx500 Measurement Software
(Must be a registered user of
and logged in to download)

Dutch Evening NAB 2016

Na een afwezigheid van vijf jaar zal er tijdens de NAB 2016 in Las Vegas weer een Hollandse Avond worden georganiseerd voor en door Nederlandse deelnemers en hun buitenlandse genodigden.

Ruim 150 aanwezigen zullen op de traditionele dinsdagavond van deze grootste broadcastbeurs ter wereld, onder het genot van een hapje en drankje, opgedane beurservaring uitwisselen en met elkaar netwerken.

De NAB vindt dit jaar plaats tussen 16 en 21 april 2016. De ‘Dutch Evening’ is op dinsdag 19 april 2016, tussen 19.00 en 22.00 uur, rond het zwembad van het Treasure Island Hotel, gelegen aan de beroemde Strip van Las Vegas. Toegang is mogelijk op uitnodiging van deelnemende bedrijven.

De avond wordt mogelijk gemaakt door Heynen samen met een aantal andere Nederlandse aan broadcast gerelateerde bedrijven. 

LiveU IBC 2015 Customers Reception

Ben je een LiveU gebruiker? Kom dan op zaterdag 12 september van 17.00 uur tot 18.30 uur naar de 'LiveU IBC 2015 Customer Reception'. We zien je daar graag!

Heynen Video F1rst Tour

Heynen organiseert een Video F1rst Tour tijdens IBC in de RAI Amsterdam. Deze tour is speciaal opgezet voor medewerkers van regionale omroepen. In anderhalf uur laten we je zien hoe je eenvoudig (live) video content kan vergaren en delen.

Zo komt Andre Rotgans van de NOS vertellen hoe zij (live) video zo snel mogelijk uit het veld naar de studio halen om het te gebruiken in de uitzendingen en op de website. We laten je ook zien hoe eenvoudig het kan zijn om je content geschikt te maken voor telefoon, tablet en PC. En we presenteren een nieuwe manier om bijvoorbeeld tijd en timer informatie te delen in een studio-omgeving.


De samenwerking tussen de regionale omroepen onderling evenals nationale omroep neemt toe. Maar hoe deel je nu op een snelle, betrouwbare en kosten efficiënte manier live video content met elkaar. Deze steeds actueler wordende vraag stelt jouw omroep zich wellicht ook af.


De OLON MediaHub is daar maar hoe stream je er als omroep naar toe? Deze vraag zal nu bij veel lokale omroepen worden gesteld. Immers de contributie van content naar de OLON Mediahub dien je als omroep zelf te organiseren.

LiveU mee het Wad op

LiveU mee het Wad op, een report door Martin Wijbenga 1e Programmatechnicus Omrop Fryslan

Omrop Fryslân ‘in dei op it wetter’.   (Omrop Fryslân ‘een dag op het water’) 

Studer Vista Master College 19 en 20 mei 2015

Werk je regelmatig op een Studer Vista console? Ben je altijd opzoek naar nieuwe mogelijkheden om je sound en/of workflow te verbeteren? Kom je graag in contact met collega Vista engineers om kennis te delen? In dat geval nodigen Heynen en Studer je graag uit om deel te nemen aan een van de Studer Vista Master Colleges op 19 en 20 mei 2015. 

Zie de bijlage voor meer informatie en de mogelijkheid om je aan te melden. 

Studer 3D Speaker Management

RTL Deploys Media Excel to Expand VOD and Streaming

By Valentijn Siebrands, Streaming media architect RTL Nederland

Hilversum, The Netherlands, RTL Nederland is the largest national commercial broadcaster in the Netherlands and is expanding heavily into the VOD market.

Studer mixers and AoIP

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Delivering more versatility and speed than ever before, HARMAN's Studer is announcing AES67 integration for Infinity Core, which drives the company's flagship Vista X and Vista V digital audio consoles. This breakthrough will enable broadcasters to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver their Audio over IP (AoIP) requirements over the widest range of protocols available from a single manufacturer.

Studer Vista 1 Gets Lexicon Effects with Version 51 Upgrade

POTTERS BAR, United Kingdom – HARMAN's Studer has released the version 5.1 upgrade to its Vista 1 console, adding sister company Lexicon® effects processing to the Vista 1 digital broadcast console. Product Manager Roger Heiniger said, "The new software enables the built-in Lexicon FX surround processors [2 engines with up to 8 mono effects processors] for the Vista 1, controlled directly from the Vistonics U/I, all in one very compact footprint."

IP-based production timers - a truly networked solution.

For many years, the standard broadcast industry production timer was the Leitch (later Harris) UDT5700 desktop unit or the 19" rack-mount UDT5701.

The IDS Production Timer forms part of our centralised IP-based information and control system. It provides users with a familiar interface including all the traditional Up, Down and To functionality, enhanced by a progression of displays to make the operation more intuitive. It does all of this using a single ergonomic desktop touchscreen, which not only reduces the footprint on technical desks and stacks, but also lowers the whole of life cost by reducing the number of separate systems that need to be purchased and maintained.

The Road to All IP

By Richard Dellacanonica ‎President Artel Video System explains about the new way of Video and audio transport: IP Backbone!

A-Link Interface

A-Link is a fibre-based audio interface that uses a 3 GBit/s data rate to offer 1,536 audio channels per connection. "A-Link with DigiLink's fiber transport capabilities the new standard".

NOS kiest voor LiveU

De NOS heeft eind maart opdracht gegeven voor levering van drie LiveU mobile uplink systemen aan de Nederlandse LiveU distributeur Heynen bv. Hiermee gaat NOS vanuit diverse steden in binnen- en buitenland verslag doen voor het NOS Journaal en voor de NOS website.

New Endemol Sport Studios Back HARMAN Studer Vista 5 Digital Consoles

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Situated at the MediArena in Amsterdam, the new Endemol Sport studios have been equipped with two 42-fader HARMAN Studer Vista 5 digital mixing consoles as part of an innovative production design, involving three studios and three galleries on the same fiber backbone.

MediaExcel Live Encoders

Media Excel Live Encoder Powers H.265/HEVC Based LTE Broadcast For Qualcomm Technologies at MWC 2014

LiveU’s Offering for the Sochi Winter Games 2014

LiveU will be offering its full suite of video uplink solutions for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia from February 7 - 23, 2014.    Book your package early to ensure enhanced live video coverage of the games.

Hilversum-Based AKN Upgrades to Studer Vista 1

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Hilversum-based broadcast facilities provider AKN has upgraded its technical facilities, by moving onto HARMAN's Studer Vista digital platform. After more than 15 years' service, it has decommissioned its faithful Studer 928 analogue console in favour of a new all-in-one Vista 1. This was supplied by Studer's Dutch distributor, Heynen.

United Installs Studer Vista 1 in Dutch Villa for RTL4

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Housed in the music pavilion at Hilversum's Media Park, United is a full service company, providing technical and creative support for various broadcast organisations on a national and international basis. Part of the Euro Media Group since 2007, their clients include Endemol Sports and various public broadcasters. Recently the company purchased a compact HARMAN Studer Vista 1 all-in-one console for use on the daily Koffietijd (Coffee Time) programme, broadcast by popular commercial station, RTL4. The new 32-fader desk, which was supplied by Heynen, Studer's Dutch distributors, is installed long-term in a permanent control room at a luxury villa in Eemnes, where the studio has been purpose designed for technical equipment and crew.

LiveU LU40 en KA-Sat

Omrop Fryslan, gebruiker van LiveU LU40 en KA-Sat. Beide systemen geleverd door Heynen B.V.

Martin Wijbenga 1e Programmatechnicus van Omrop Fryslan rapporteert over zijn bevindingen: We hebben vorige week onze eerste live connectie met de LiveU over KA sat gedaan en we waren onder de indruk.

Check out this article from InBroadcast where ABonAir's CEO, Eran Igler, reviews wireless video link technologies and their suitability to different broadcast users.

In the editorial Mr. Igler also indicates a set of important buying parameters such as Stability, Picture quality, Uni-directional / bi-directional technologies, Transmission range, Compression, Licensed / un-licensed frequencies and Delay

Omrop Fryslân operationeel met de nieuwe SNG Radio

Mei 2013, Omrop Fryslân operationeel met de nieuwe SNG reportagewagen Radio.

SNG radio reportagewagen is voorzien van, door Heynen B.V. geleverde, Dawson automatisch schotelsysteem. Via deze schotelopstelling wordt verbinding gemaakt met de KA-Sat. KA-Sat is de satelliet internet service van Eutelsat. Het doel hiervan is een internetverbinding te maken naar de Studio in Leeuwarden. In de Studio staat de ontvangst-codec van Mayah.

Martin Wijbenga, 1e Programmatechnicus Omrop Fryslân, formuleert het zo:

Video Encoder ENC 300 van Teracue

ENC 300 Encoder en DEC300 Decoder, H.264 MPEG-4 AVC HD/SD Encoder blade and portable device.

Mayah brengt low latency algoritme OPUS

MAYAH is launching OPUS, the new state-of-the-art audio codec, for all current products - CENTAURI III & C11.

KA-Sat voor Omrop Fryslan

Vanaf 1 mei 2013 is Omrop Fryslan de trotste eigenaar van de KA-Sat oplossing voor het realiseren van Radio en TV verbindingen.

Heynen B.V. heeft de apparatuur geleverd. Een volautomatsche Dawson 70 cm Sateliet schotel systeem op de nieuwe SNG voor Radio en de SNG voor TV.

Studer Vista 1

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands — Launching at ISE, the compact all-in-one Studer Vista 1 console is now available in an even more compact 22-fader version, measuring just over 1 metre in width, and perfectly suited to small spaces such as found in OB vans. For smaller vans where the audio console fits into the cab area, the Vista 1 provides a comprehensive solution requiring no additional racks, including integral I/O, DSP and surround sound management including up and down-mixing. The low weight advantages of the new desk are immediately obvious.

No More Boundaries NOMOBO BV uses first Dutch LU40 to stream live video from anywhere in the World!

During this years’ IBC in Amsterdam, LiveU announced a complete new product range of live video uplink solutions with the LU light series that contains smartphone-, tablet- and laptop applications. Earlier this year the LU70 was already introduced by LiveU as the successor of the popular LU60. This introduction was accompanied by the completely new and simplified, but nevertheless very effective, LU40.

Nieuwsuur & NOS cover the American Presidential Elections with LiveU

While super storm Sandy has caused an enormous amount of damage on the American east coast the presidential elections are still in full swing. Earlier this month Tom Kleijn from the Dutch news show Nieuwsuur made a road trip through several American cities. The background reports he made were accompanied with a live cross talk discussion between Tom and the studio in Hilversum. One of these conversations even took place from a driving car. For al of these live interviews during this road trip the portable video-over-cellular technology from LiveU was used which was provided by Heynen, LiveU’s Dutch partner.

Nederlands dance event live op YouTube

Dankzij Nomobo en Heynen's LiveU cellular uplink solution zal voor het eerst zal een Nederlands electronic dance music event live te zien zijn op Youtube. Via een live stream vanuit het monumentale Concertgebouw is het uitverkochte evenement VRIJ op vrijdag 19 oktober, vanaf 22.30 uur te zien. Met een internationale line up van top producers zal de hele wereld rechtstreeks mee kunnen kijken met de live optredens van Junkie XL (NL), Pretty Lights (USA), Yonderboi (Hun) en Eelke Kleijn (NL).

Olympische spelers op weg naar Den Bosch

13 augustus 2012, Live beelden met LiveU 3G video transmissiesysteem vanuit de hoge snelheid trein met de Olympische spelers opweg naar de inhuldiging in Den Bosch. de link met een compilatie van het video van de LiveU unit gebruikt tijdens het het live event in Den Bosch. Bron Dutchview.

13 augustus 2012 live op het grote scherm in Den bosch en op Nederland 1.  

Feedback van Jorrian van Dutchview;

New SoundCheck v11 ListenInc

ListenInc inproved SoundCheck®.

Soundcheck is used for development and production of microphone, speaker, mobile divices.

Perceptual audio analyse met APx 525


APx500 v3.0 now supports a PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) option for use with APx audio analyzers. Obtain MOS results directly in APx projects,

LiveU used for Daily Olympics Coverage

Over 100 LiveU Units to be Used by Global Broadcasters and Online Media for Daily Olympics Coverage.

LiveU will boost its state-of-the-art antenna technology with dedicated local network resources for extra-strong resiliency in heavily-crowded locations.

PDM option for APx

Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) is a one-bit, high rate data stream that conveys a signal by modulating the density of the pulses. A typical application for PDM is the Micro-Electrical-Mechanical System (MEMS) microphone found on smartphones.

The APx PDM option provides direct connectivity for audio devices that have a PDM output (such as a MEMS microphone) or input (such as the decimator on a smartphone chip). In addition to all the standard audio measurements, APx provides variable DC voltage, variable sample rate, and a PSR (power supply rejection) measurement to test the device’s full operating parameters. No other analyzer combines direct PDM connectivity with APx’s best in class speed, ease-of-use, and performance.

autogespot gumball liveu
This year Team Autogespot is driving the Gumball 3000 Rally – and you can follow them online! With use of LiveU’s video uplink solution provided by Heynen you can get inside the rally and the Ferrari 599 GTO.

LiveU’s wireless uplink solution is being used to stream live, broadcast quality, video content from the US.  During the race Team Autogespot will broadcast live as they drive from New York to LA. Thus offering unique content on their website.

You can follow them live here starting May 25th. Contact Heynen if you are looking for such unique content to place on your website.

DutchView’s New OB Van Hits the Road With a 62 fader Studer Vista 9 Console

The Netherlands, Hilversum  – With more than 1,500 television productions per year including The Voice, The Winner Is, F-1 Silverstone and DWDD, DutchView is the leading broadcaster in the Netherlands. Whether recording these programs in one of its 14 studios or on location, DutchView often relies on Studer's digital consoles for high-quality sound mixing.

Studer Vista Consoles Get Integral Lexicon(r) FX

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - Users of Studer Vista consoles can now opt to add up to 24 channels of Lexicon Effects to their console with the release of the VISTA FX engine. The VISTA FX unit contains 8 channels of FX, and three units may be cascaded to allow up to 24 different mono channels per console.

Broadcast LiveU video transmission

You want Live video transmission with low cost? - LiveU enables a shift in live video acquisition away from expensive satellite transmission, delivering a cost-effective cellular alternative that offers resilient broadcast-quality video uplink while enhancing freedom of mobility in the field for all live broadcast media outlets. News Gathering (ENG)

Bluetooth audio test

AUDIO PRECISION Brings Clarity To Bluetooth Audio Test. - Bluetooth option for APx analyzers delivers best-in-class audio test for all Bluetooth audio devices.

Studer shows RTW Loudness Metering on Vista 9 at NAB

REGENSDORF, Switzerland - Following the agreement with RTW of Koeln announced in February, Studer will be showing the RTW TM7 meter implementation in its Vista 9 console at NAB 2012 on booth C2619. The TM7 meter was chosen as it perfectly complements Vistonics(tm), the simple and elegant touchscreen user interface that Vista customers know and love.

Studer Announces Integration of EMBER Protocol with Studer(r) Vista Consoles at NAB 2012

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - At NAB this year, Studer will show how efficiently it can control newsroom playout or production automation systems with its full range of broadcast consoles, demonstrating the expanded integration of the Ember protocol into Studer Vista consoles at booth C2619 in addition to the existing inclusion in Studer's OnAir range of consoles.

Portable Remote Control for Studer Vista consoles to be unveiled at NAB

There are often times when a console operator would like to be able to stand in any place in a venue and change console settings. For Studer Vista users, that dream is about to become reality.

Students of the Academy of Music and Theatre Hamburg Learn Tricks of the Trade With a HARMAN Studer Vista 5 Digital Console

HAMBURG, Germany – With approximately 750 students, the Academy of Music and Theatre Hamburg (HfMT) is one of the major music academies in Germany and offers an artistic and scientific education in all areas of music and theatre. One of the Academy's hallmarks is its AV Media Center, at the heart of which lies a HARMAN Studer Vista 5 digital mixing console.

Studer Vista 5 at Westergas

Professional media processing solution supplier Heynen and leading multimedia company DutchView have concluded a long-term deal on the supply of Studer audio consoles, confirming the high-ranking position of Studer mixing consoles in the Dutch broadcast field.

Webcast video with LiveU

Web-Based Content Providers - The web is fast becoming a booming source for live video. LiveU is the game changer that delivers on the promise of the Internet as a platform for live, professional-quality video streaming from anywhere.

To counter the massive increase in student numbers due to the double university entry year groups and abolishment of national service, the University Hospital Aachen has equipped its lecture theatres with state of the
art video broadcasting technology from Teracue. This means students today can take part in a lecture at the same time whilst in several different lecture theatres.
Studer Vista 5 SR™ Console - 2011 SCTV Awards

SOUTH JAKARTA, Indonesia — Headquartered in South Jarkarta, SCTV (Surya Citra Televisi) is one of Indonesia's largest TV stations and offers a wide variety of programming, including its annual SCTV Awards telecast. For the 2011 SCTV Awards, the station contracted Melodia Rental of Surabaya, Indonesia to provide the audio system, including a HARMAN Studer Vista 5 SR digital mixing system as the live sound front-of-house console.

Phantom Celebrates 25th Birthday With HARMAN's Studer Consoles

LONDON, United Kingdom— To celebrate 25 years of The Phantom Of The Opera, Cameron Mackintosh staged a special production at the Royal Albert Hall recently, with three sell-out performances over two nights.

Studer shows Axia Livewire™ AoIP card development at NAB

If you desire a instant one-cable connection from your Studer Vista or OnAir console to Axia networks and products from more than 30 other Livewire hardware and software partners, the D21m Livewire Card is exactly what you have been looking for.

Puls Density Modulation

Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) is a one-bit, high rate data stream that conveys a signal by modulating the density of the pulses. A typical application for PDM is the Micro-Electrical-Mechanical System (MEMS) microphone found on smartphones.

RTBF adds consoles to it's stock

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Heynen, a professional supplier of media processing applications, has announced a multi-year agreement with RTBF (Radio télévision belge de la communauté française) for the supply and integration of Studer audio mixing consoles for the radio studios of Brussels, Liege and Charleroi.

speaker test

You hear some strange behavior from your speaker... To know the quality of your speaker helps understanding what is happening. An Aqousitic Response measurement can help.

NPS en BFN kiezen voor Studer

NPS and BFN choose Studer

The NPS and Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) have joined forces for the purchase of new broadcast equipment for their radio programs. It concerns highly advanced equipment of the brand Studer (Types OnAir 2500 and OnAir 3000) for three WPM in the NPS building and two broadcast studios of RNW.

Palais des congres

Brussels has gained a venue for conferences, congresses, meetings and other events. Square Brussels has opened the doors to the 13.500 m2 of meeting rooms, exhibition space and a superb auditorium. The venue is in the very heart of the city giving breathtaking views over the Brussels skyline.

Studer UK training

POTTERS BAR, United Kingdom - Building on its overwhelmingly successful Broadcast Academy program, HARMAN's Studer has announced additional free half-day Studer Broadcast Academy introductory training sessions on its Vista and OnAir digital consoles.

Studer RTL

KIRCHBERG, Luxembourg - There were only smiling faces to be seen at Radio Télévision Luxembourg (RTL) when on July 28, Studer's new Vista 9 digital console was used for the first time in the live production of the 7 o'clock news.

Harman's Studer Unveils Range of Remote Stageboxes at all Budget and Configuration Levels

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands — Responding to customer requests for lower-budget or simpler connectivity options on the range of Studer Vista mixing consoles, Studer has supplemented its highly flexible and expandable D21m remote stagebox system with two new models, both with a more fixed

studer remote access

NEW YORK, New York - Building on its steadfast commitment to providing the best customer support in the industry, HARMAN's Studer is introducing Vista Remote Access for its Vista line of digital mixing consoles. Vista Remote Access allows Vista owners to access and manage their console from anywhere in the world at any time, all on a secure network.


When Audio Quality is an issue! The six Basic Audio Measurements "Level & Gain", "THD+N", "Frequency response", "Signal to Noise ratio", "Interchannel Phase" and "Crosstalk" helps to validate quality of (Power) amplifiers. Amplifiers range greatly in size and form, from headphone drivers to large professional power amps for stadiums and concert halls that can put out thousands of watts. The testing methods are similar, however..


CARDIFF, United Kingdom- Earlier this summer, broadcast sound specialist Red TX commissioned its new RED II mobile recording unit, which has been designed specifically to cater for 3D and 7.1 surround sound productions.

Based at Pinewood Studios, the truck was pressed immediately into service at a Linkin Park concert in Moscow's Red Square, followed by the Download Festival and other high prestige events such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers' worldwide launch of their new album in Cologne-which was filmed and broadcast live to 1,500 cinemas around the world. But most recently they recorded Michael Forever-the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert at Cardiff Millennium Stadium.