Power Conversie & KMT Suppliers


Cadex Electronics makes battery analyzers, chargers and battery maintenance software.
Its award-winning products have been deployed with great success in wireless communications, emergency services, mobile computing, biomedical, broadcasting, avionics and defense.

Elektro Automatik

EA’s extensive range of standard power conversion products enables us to provide the optimum solution to a wide range of applications and environments..


Elotec Solutions and Services GbmH - previously known as H. Speck Industrie - is a specialist in equipping cable measurement vans. Elotec builds on the legacy of Salzgitter and Hagenuk to solve your challenges in cable measurement and other electronics and electro technical fields.


Eltek delivers standard and special power conversion products for the industrial, telecom, energy and railway market.


InterEng GmbH Kabelmesstechnik develops, manufactures and sells measuring technology designed to test reliably, locate faults precisely and provide diagnostics in cable networks. The extensive Product Programme provides the necessary range of cable testing technologies for energy supply utilities and network operators in the low, medium and high voltage grids.


 The Kilovolt Prueftechnik GmbH manufactures portable High Voltage Test Equipment. The main focus is on Cable Test Sets for insulation testing of Medium Voltage Power Cable Systems.


Makelsan was founded in 1976 with the aim of designing electrical power systems. Today Makelsan is a leading European brand which manufactures a wide range of high technology Uninterruptible Power Supplies and power quality products from 650VA up to 8MW.

MS Technik

MST builds a powerfull and user-friendly set of a generator and a receiver that allows to select one energy cable our of many energy cables in one bundle. It's a low cost but still cost-saving tool that is being used by companies active in power distribution.

Jenoptik Power Systems

Under the new brand name VINCORION, Jenoptik’s mechatronic business unites a 60-year success story of tailored technological solutions in energy supply, drive and stabilization technologies, and other specialized products for defense & security, aviation and the railway industry.

Our key target markets primarily include the semiconductor equipment industry, the medical technology, automotive and mechanical engineering, traffic, aviation as well as the security and defense technology industries. 


Wärtsilä is a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. 

Zentro Elektrik

Zentro-Elektrik is regarded by its customers as a leading manuafacturer of Electronically Controlled Power Supply Units and Power