Power Conversie & KMT Solutions

The new Flatpack2 SHE rectifier

A cooler contribution

With efficiency in the “super high” region, the Flatpack2 SHE is the coolest conversion module ever – reducing wasted energy and heat by 50%. The savings effect and impact– in terms of reduced energy usage, environmental footprint and and OPEX – depends on the number of modules replaced, their age and performance – and for new systems – the efficiency and reliability of alternative options. – Aside from the attractive economics, we see our customers focus more and more on the environmental effects.

The sense of urgency is growing, and reliable, super-efficient power conversion is an important contribution when everything is added up. It is also a strong motivation for us at Eltek to continue pushing the barriers through innovation, says Colin Howe, President and CEO of Eltek.

The new Flatpack2 SHE rectifier has taken conversion efficiency one step further, into the 98% range, thereby reducing waste by 50% again. And this with no compromise whatsoever when it comes to quality and reliability. The SHE module is both cooler and greener than its predecessors – contributing to reduced cost of ownership, and a reduced environmental footprint in existing and new installations.


Proud heritage

The Flatpack2 HE and its high efficiency technology was a revolution in power conversion when it was first released in 2008. Featuring 96.5 % efficiency, the Flatpack2 HE has since defined the industry standard when it comes to quality and conversion efficiency. With some 2.7 million units in the field, the Flatpack2 HE has saved an estimated reduction in operating cost of some 835 million USD, and more than 5 million tons of CO2.

Innovation at work

The Flatpack2 SHE is a natural evolution of the Flatpack2 HE, built on a technology that has been proven and tested over time. But it is also the result of innovative new solutions. In a joint development project with Infineon, a leading component supplier, a new type of GaN power transistors has been developed, tested and extensively verified. This CoolGaN™ technology helps increasing efficiency from high to super high, without driving cost through the roof. And, of course, without any compromise when it comes to the reliability or quality that Flatpack2 owners have become accustomed to.


Intereng P51
U wilt de beschikking hebben over voldoende hoogspanning en vermogen om kabelfouten in het laagspanningsnet en openbare verlichting zichtbaar te maken. U wilt het liefst werken vanuit een eenvoudig bedieningsveld en u wilt tegelijkertijd meteen kunnen zien wat er gebeurt. Bovendien is het handig als het gewicht en de afmetingen binnen hanteerbare normen blijven, zodat u bij storingen snel een geschikt vervoermiddel kunt kiezen.
Mantelfout kabel onderzoek set

Test- & Storings onderzoek aan mantel-fouten in Energie netwerken.
Een modern systeem gecombineerd met analoge weergaven ( meters ) voor het opsporen van mantel fout storing aan kabels.

Rectiverter (Rectifier and Inverter in 1)


Rectifier & Inverter in one box
Heynen BV is proud to present the Rectiverter.

Built on HE technology from the Flatpack2 HE rectifier family the Rectiverter 230/1500 48/1200 provides backed up power for 230 VAC loads with minimum losses and footprint.
It is a 3 port device capable of charging the 48V battery and simultaneously provides power for the AC and DC loads.

During mains outage the Rectiverter feeds AC loads using energy stored in the battery.

Modular DC loads ELR5000M

The new series EA-ELR 5000 was designed to configure a multi-channel electronic DC load. In a rack for 19” systems, up to ten DC load units with 320 W nominal power each can be installed. The modular units operate separately from each other, but require the rack as it contains the energy recovering DC-AC inverter.

The modules are also extendable. Parallel connection on the DC inputs of the module is possible.

The load modules come in two voltage variants, 80 V and 200 V, and incorporate the common regulation modes constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC) and constant power (CP).

The energy recovery function inverts the supplied DC energy into a synchronous sine current and feeds it back into the local grid. This reduces the usual heat dissipation to a minimum and saves energy costs at the same time. The colour TFT touch  panel offers an intuitive kind of manual operation.

Equipped with an Ethernet port by default, the load units can be easily integrated into a network of LAN devices. External control is possible via an included Windows software or via custom applications created in LabView or other IDEs. The commonly known communication protocols SCPI and ModBus are supported.


Flatpack S Wallbox

Compact Wall Mounted Power Supply System

The Flatpack S Wallbox is built around our Flatpack S rectifier and its compact and simple installation makes it a powerful wall-mounted DC power supply package.

It´s mechanical design and electrical connections is fully compatible with our previous SMPS 700 system, for retrofit off older systems.

Comprehensive monitoring, LVBD, load and battery fuses are included as standard parts, with options for AC input filter assures compliance with DnV rules for marin applications.


The Portable Power Supply (PPS) is Compact, Robust,and Easy to handle!!!

The PPS is designed to be used in situations with main DC power failure, system replacement, battery replacement or maintenance. Its easy handling, durability and many configuration options should make this unit a must have to all service staff in each Power Industry and service companies!!!

More information: http://www.eltek.com/download_doc.epl?id=6830&cust=647


ELR 9000: Are you also looking for an Electronic Load with Energy Recovery (Mains Back-Feed)

Elektro Automatik has a new product where a lot of customers of us were waiting for.

The 14 new models of series ELR 9000 offer a big variety of electronic load with energy recovery (Mains Back-Feed) feature. Voltage between 0...80V and 0...1500V, as well as currents between 0...22A and 0...510A at power ratings of 0...3500W, 0...7000W or 0...10500W are available.

The 19" enclosure in only 3U size makes it possible to build high power cabinets of up to 105kW total power or even more, with a minimum of effort.



The standard integrated energy recovery feature presents some interesting features compared to common DC loads:

  • The supplied DC energy is converted to AC with approx. 95% efficiency and fed back to the local or public grid --> this saves energy costs
  • Extensive cooling or exhaust systems can be omitted, because the heat emission is reduced to a minimum
  • Significantly reduced audible noise
  • Reduced device height



19" Plug-in DC Power Supply

The modules of series EA-PS 800  19" are available as single, dual or tripple output power supplies.

By combining the syncronised rectifier and semi-resonant converter principle, an effiency up to 92% is achieved, making them highly efficient and extremely reliable.

Cadex battery analyzers reconditioners

Cadex biedt drie modellen van C7000 Series battery analyzers, met allemaal dezelfde functionaliteit, accessoires, batterij adapters en intuïtieve gebruikersinterface. De battery analysers werken met de meeste oplaadbare batteries in stand-alone modus of met de optionele PC-BatteryShop ™ software.

Cadex kalibratie reparatiecentrum Benelux


Heynen is binnen de Benelux het Cadex reparatie en kalibratie centrum, voor de Cadex batteryanalysers. Wij hebben de middelen, ervaring en technische voorzieningen voor het succesvol repareren onderhoud en kalibratie van alle Cadex battery analysers. Tevens staan wij in direct contact met Cadex Canada waardoor wij altijd alle spareparts beschikbaar hebben.

Flatpack S 3U 3x2 kW DC System

The combination of innovative design, efficiency and reliability makes the Flatpack S a perfect choice for telecom and industrial applications.

With a system depth of only 250mm the Flatpack S systems will fit in most cabinets.

With its flexible alarm and monitoring options combined with bulk output, this 3U system is a superb building block for various industrial applications


In kabelsleuven en –kanalen zoals bij elektrische constructies vindt men vaak op elkaar lijkende of niet-geïdentificeerde kabels. Hierdoor bestaat het risico de onjuiste kabel aan te snijden waardoor niet zelden gevaarlijke situaties en/of hoge kosten ontstaan.Ter voorkoming van gevaarlijke situaties met vaak aanzienlijke financiële gevolgen wordt een selectiemeting geadviseerd voordat een kabel geknipt of met montagewerkzaamheden begonnen wordt.


In kabelsleuven en –kanalen zoals bij elektrische constructies vindt men vaak op elkaar lijkende of niet-geïdentificeerde kabels. Hierdoor bestaat het risico de onjuiste kabel aan te snijden waardoor niet zelden gevaarlijke situaties en/of hoge kosten ontstaan.Ter voorkoming van gevaarlijke situaties met vaak aanzienlijke financiële gevolgen wordt een selectiemeting geadviseerd voordat een kabel geknipt of met montagewerkzaamheden begonnen wordt.

Kabelfoutlocalisatie met automatische intelligente zekering NSG 7000 G/T


De NSG 7000 GSM/TDR is een automatische zekering die de stroomvoorziening van klanten in laagspanningsnetten in bedrijf houdt gedurende sluimerende of andere storingen. De NSG 7000 GSM/TDR is zo klein dat hij nagenoeg in elke gesloten kabelverdeelkast kan worden geplaatst. De aan de binnenkant van de kast geplaatste magneetantenne kan het spanning- en stroomverloop continu monitoren zonder dat er een persoon ter plaatse blijft.



Cadex C7400-C

Cadex offers three models of C7000 Series battery analyzers, all sharing the same functionality, accessories, battery adapters and intuitive user interface. The analyzers work with most rechargeable chemistries in stand-alone mode or using the optional PC-BatteryShop™ software.

PS8000/PS9000 series

Accurate programmable DC voltage, current and power
There is increasing need for programmable power supplies for laboratories, industrial plants and machinery, who may be remotely controllable. For example, via Ethernet, CAN, GPIB, USB and RS232, so the feeds are multifunctional.


Accurate adjustable DC Loads for laboratories and industry
You are looking for a load that meets the requirements of today's high quality and modern concepts in laboratories and industrial users. You watch multi-purpose and of course at a good price-performance ratio.

PS 800

Elektro-Automatik GmbH, brings to the existing DIN Rail power supplies and UPS systems a new line of low cost power supplies. The input of 90 to 264 VAC and 120-370 VDC makes this versatile usable.
The double insulated housing provides extra security, while the high efficiency ensures that minimize heat dissipation occurs. The power supply produces little ripple and noise.

INV 222

INV222 series 2.25kVA Sine Inverters Eltek Industrial GmbH

The 19 " Hot-Plug-In units provide a flexible and reliable system that you can easily customize to your needs. The electronic switching unit STS207 to use - in combination with a battery backup - you can be sure that your systems keep running even during a power failure.
DCPS DC backup System

DCPS-DCbackup system 600W to 160kW Eltek Industrial GmbH

Eltek DC from Germany provides advanced backup systems in 19” models. The Hot-Plug-In units provide a flexible, modular system, in combination with batteries reliable, redundant DC emergency power supplies. As an option, you can control and readout system from a distance.

PSC 320

Series DC / DC Converters  480W to 2000W from Eltek Industrial Germany

These DC / DC converters designed specifically for flexible deployment in the telecom and industry. The Hot-Plug-In functionality and the Back-Plane make assembly and installation very simple.