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AirMagnet Spectrum ES

AirMagnet Spectrum ES with Heynen

AirMagnet Spectrum ES is a portable and affordable, professional-grade RF spectrum analyzer that speeds in-building cellular deployments. Rich spectrum graphs with next generation visualization and enhanced in-field productivity features provide intuitive network visibility needed to validate and troubleshoot at every project stage. Scans frequencies between 698 MHz & 2690 MHz (supports 2G/3G/4G).

AirMagnet Spectrum ES includes the industry’s first automated classification and location of RF interference sources, automated location-specific carrier and technology spectrum scan setup which is needed to verify and troubleshoot at every stage of the project lifecycle. These features help ensure offload deployment and troubleshooting are done quickly and correctly.

    Scanning the 2G/3G/4G spectrum

  • FFT
    AirMagnet Spectrum ES' FFT graphs provide a real-time view into the RF energy in the environment with current, max, max-hold and average RF signal levels.

    Visualize the Telco carriers that are operating in each frequency range with the carrier overlay. This quick overlay overcomes traditional spectrum analyzer challenges of quickly and accurately recognizing the frequencies used by the carriers at a particular location.

    Spectrum Density
    The Spectrum Density Graph provides a longer-term view into the network by displaying live information on the signals that are common during the current capture session. This is helpful to identify infrequent transmitters.

    The Spectrogram graph provides a scrolling history of the RF environment and allows a visual understanding of the spectrum over time to see intermittent spikes or bursts of RF energy that may be causing network problems.

    Frequency Duty Cycle
    The Duty Cycle graph displays how often an interfering signal is present in a particular frequency range. A high duty cycle could mean an interferer is constantly transmitting and will most certainly cause problems in that frequency range.

  • Interested in a demo?

  • Are you interested in an ad-hoc spectrum GSM/LTE analyzer? Would you like to get insights in your RF band from 2G up to 4G? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Heynen has compatible demo USB-adapters available. Ofcourse we supply you with a trail license free of charge.
    With our experienced technicians we can provide you with support before, during and after installation.

  • Main Advantages

    AirMagnet Spectrum ES provides the following advantages:
  • - Rich Spectrum Graphs
  • - Automatic Identification and Location of Interference Sources
  • - Automated Scan Frequency Sorting and Selection
  • - Capture, Save and Share Spectrum Trace Files
  • - Support for Non-Cellular Technologies