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Thursday, 23 June 2016 09:50

Pole Zero G2 MINI-ERF™ Tunable Bandpass Filter

Pole Zero G2 MINI-ERF™ Tunable Bandpass Filter

Pole/Zero® has released a new reduced SWaP-C line of MINI-ERF™ (G2) tunable bandpass filters. These fast-tuning, low-cost, miniature, high-performance bandpass filters are commonly used in military communication and commercial applications. MN-30-520-(%BW)-S04 covers the entire tactical military tuning range of 30 MHz to 520 MHz and is currently available in either a 4% BW or 7% BW (3 dB).

MINI-ERF™ (G2) uses PIN diodes to deliver high dynamic range in a 1.75” x 2.40” x 0.387” (61 mm x 44.5 mm x 9.8 mm) package. The MINI-ERF™ (G2) series combines SMT capability with 1 Watt (input) in band and up to 2 Watts (input) out of band RF power handling, +40 dBm IIP3, low insertion loss, good selectivity, and fast tune time (15 µs typical @ 0 dBm). The digital interface format can be either SPI serial or parallel, depending on the state of the SER/PAR pin.
The MINI-ERF® requires two supply voltages. A +3.3 VDC digital supply and a high bias voltage of +100 VDC is required to bias the diodes. These supply voltages should be adequately filtered as noise present on these pins will influence the RF signal purity. The digital interface format is SPI serial or parallel depending on the state of the mode control pin. All MINI-ERF™ filters are fully pre-aligned by Pole/Zero for labor savings and ease of use.


Frequency Coverage    30 MHz to 520 MHz 
Input/Output Impedance    50 Ω 
Inband Input/Output VSWR    1.5: 1 typical, 2.2: 1 max 
Ultimate Attenuation    65 dB typical 
Shape Factor (30 dB/3 dB)    6 typical, 7.2 max 
Inband RF Power Handling    +32 dBm (input, typical) 
Out of Band RF Power Handling    +33 dBm @ +/- 15% 
Inband Third Order Intercept Point    +40 dBm (input) 
Tuning Control    Serial (SPI) 
Tuning Speed    15 µsec typical, 21 µsec max 
DC Power    +3.3 VDC @ 200 mA max 
+100 VDC @ 2.5mA max 
Operating Temperature Range    -40 to +85°C  
Size (in. / mm.)   1.75 x 2.4 x .385 / 44.5 x 61 x 9.8

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