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Friday, 24 July 2015 11:42

Pole-Zero Co-site Analysis and Services

Pole-Zero Co-site Analysis and Services

Today’s crowded communications bands and closely located receivers and transmitters operated simultaneously (SIMOP) require RF system designers to pay increasing attention to their equipment’s generation and rejection of signals and noise.  The receiver must operate in the presence of large interfering signals on adjacent channels while the transmitter noise and spurious signals can artificially raise the system noise floor for collocated (cosite) receivers with the end result of system desensitization and diminished communications range.


Pole/Zero® offers a full suite of products for these Pole/Zero® offers a Cosite Analysis and Integration service to our customers to determine the level of cosite interference mitigation required for a specific communications application.

 The goal of this analysis is to determine the level of mitigation required to meet the system’s concept of operations and ensure. The picture shows one of the ICE products, a Dual channel filter with 2 independent UHF TX/RX channels in a single package.