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Thursday, 28 April 2016 09:42

Planar Transformers for Automotive and eCar

Planar Transformers for Automotive and eCar

“Reducing Height: A Tall Order For Standex-Meder”
An automotive manufacturer approached Standex-Meder with the challenge to provide a reduction in height of 50% from a traditional wire wound transformer, and create a custom solution that met their specifications. All this, while maintaining their footprint. Though not increasing footprint, a higher energy density is demanded. The answer their Engineering Team presented, was a planar transformer customized to fit their manufacturing and functional needs.

Standex Meder strategically partnered with their team to discover more in depth requirements and details around the operational and application needs. Through the various reviews, modifications, rigorous testing, and extensive measuring, one looks at such things as:

• Mechanical dimensions (length, width,height, other)
• DCR primary resistance and secondary side
• Inductance, both primary and secondary
• Leakage Inductance and Capacitance verification
• Hi-POT test (high voltage)

Standex-Meder then designed a high-performing reliable part for their electric vehicle needs, the SX58-12-240-12-RS, planar transformer. What we delivered to our customer included:

• Their footprint was maintained
• A customized part with improved capacity to deliver without intruding upon space
• Cost savings
• Huge reduction in height required by a customer

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