Network Monitoring and Analysis Solutions

packet visibility in the cloud

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You hold a responsibility in the design or implementation of monitoring and/or security solutions in a network environment. And the network and application are being virtualized in a private- or pubic cloud environment. This causes a challenge in getting the right packets to right tools. In the traditional world you relied on span ports, taps and packet brokers but how will this work in a virtual environment?

    Be able to see all the traffic

  • With Cloudlens you will be able to see all of the traffic that you need. Make sure that you won’t miss a packet. Especially in telco environments it can be crucial to effective debugging to miss a packet. E.g. when ciphering keys are in play.

  • Filter and process packets effectively

  • In cloud environments many (security) tool vendors will charge you based on the amount of traffic you supply them with. Cloudlens will allow you to filter e.g. all video related packets from traffic creating direct savings on the tool’s capacity.

  • Main Advantages

    See all of your network traffic in a hybrid environment
  • Support for both private and public cloud environments
  • Easy of use - drag and drop functionality