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Over the Top & Multi-screen Web/Mobile TV

Over the Top & Multi-screen Web/Mobile TV

The three-screen world of just a few years ago—with mobile handsets, laptop/desktop PCs and television—has given way to a world of almost twice as many screen types and hundreds of variations on each. Media Excel has built all its products to address the continued expansion of multiple screens .Our solutions address the traditional three-screen delivery as well as new tablets, multiple handset form factors and even the giant screens of digital cinema with a unified approach to cost-efficient, scalable encoding and transcoding workflows.

Adaptive Bitrate and the OTT Market

OTT or over the top streaming is the delivery of video and audio media streams to different types of devices via the Internet. Unlike traditional IPTV, there is no need for a dedicated network or infrastructure provided by the operator, as OTT is transported through regular Internet data protocols and uses the open Internet over unmanaged networks. OTT TV differs from IPTV as it transmits streams using HTTP, the protocol which has been used for decades to transport web pages over the Internet. The operating principle of Adaptive Bitrate streaming is to work with segmented TS-based video streams or files.

Video Processing Advantages

HERO is highly flexible and scalable. It can process a single input into multiple outputs. Each output can have completely different parameters. This allows for not only delivering traditional multi-screen IPTV service but also the ability to output the multiple profiles that are required for Adaptive Bitrate Streaming. Each streaming parameter does not require a lot of additional processing. HERO simply repackages one transcode into multiple packages increasing density and saving on processing costs.

Positive ROI

The HERO Platform runs on off-the-shelf server hardware and fits easily into IT datacenter architecture. This allows the HERO software to be installed on single 1U servers and even bladesystem architecture or even as a virtualized service on a cloud architecture. The HERO platform is also able to output multiple profiles from a single input. This allows for increased optimization during transcoding as multiple video assets can be created in one pass from a single input.


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