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OPTICOM's products range from OPERA analyser, the comprehensive voice and audio quality testing tool, to OPERA software offering advanced and more detailed PESQ/P.862
measurements, including VAD analysis, enhanced graphical displays and improved control for automated testing. The latest ITU standards PESQ (P.862), PSQM+ (P.861), PEAQ (BS.1387) and more are combined to
benchmark the speech and audio quality. PESQ/OEM licensing is also available.

    Country: Germany

    Supplier's speciality

  • - Voice, Audio and Video Testing Tools
  • - Perceptual Voice and Video Quality tests

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    Introducing the Next-Generation Mobile Voice Quality Testing Standard for HD-Voice, VoIP, 3G and 4G/LTE.

    Designed by the perceptual quality experts, the technology upgrade and designated successor for PESQ was approved in 2011 as the new ITU-T Standard P.863. OPTICOM offers standard-setting POLQA reference implementations, along with legacy PESQ and ECHO-TQ (Talking Quality) measurements for various platforms/OS. Learn more about POLQA from Opticom