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Studer OnAir 1500 Studer

For the production or live broadcasting of audio content you need a compact and flexible audio mixing console that doesn't compromise on quality. At the same time the console needs to be friendly to your budget and offer you all the features you have grown used to in your studio.

    Studer’s OnAir 1500

  • The OnAir 1500 from Studer is a 12 channel digital audio mixing console. It offers six faders as a standard and this can be expanded with a six fader extension bay to a total of 12 faders. It offers a standard IO configuration that can be expanded with Studer’s D21 IO cards. All IO’s are placed in central core that new to Studer: the Nano Score.

  • Full broadcast feature set

  • The OnAir 1500 is part of the OnAir family of Studer mixing consoles and offers many of the same features. In addition to the Program, Record, PFL and monitoring busses for Control Room and Studio there are four stereo busses available that can be assigned as an aux or n-1 bus. The console offers snapshots, monitoring, off air record and full integration with Studer’s IO sharing technology (Relink), CMS and third party automation tools.

  • Main Advantages

    12 channel, six fader console with audio matrix
  • clear and intuitive use interface through colour coding and OLED screens
  • expandable IO
  • full integration with automation tools, IO sharing and CMS
  • Full channel processing including 4-bands EQ, compressor, limiter, expander, gate and de-esser;