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Thursday, 17 March 2016 08:42

NEW MENTOR Light Guide and Keypad Components Catalogues

New mentor catalogue 2016

Dear business partner / developer,

We want to inform you that we have NEW Light Guide (LL14) and Keypad Components (TK4) catalogues. The cover of both catalogs are very evident. We will change successively the other catalogs (for reprint) in this style. With regard to contents, the important modifications are:

LL14 – Lightguide (Reprint with modification)

- New information and overview of our miniaturized light guides (page 55 ff.)
- Revision of the LED recommendations (page 67)
- Elimination of the discontinued products M-Pipes series 
- Correction of errors and improvements of details

TK4 – Keypad components (complete revision)
- Different order in the table of contents
- Many new illustrations in a fictitious application
- New: Product Overview Pushbuttons and Signal Indicators (page 5)
- New: Page with references (page 20)
- New: Notes "Suitable for ..." (for example page 7)
- New: 7-Segment Display also in the housing colors black and gray (page 25)
- New: Notes on suitable videos (for example page 6) 
- Elimination of the discontinued products “Capacitive Keypad”
- Lead of Customised Solutions with "C" and "C+" analog to catalog LL (page 29 etc.)
- Indication of MOQ1 (for non-stock articles) and MOQ2 (for customer defined length) analog to catalog LL
- Revision of the LED recommendations (page 28)
- Correction of errors and improvements of details

You can find and download the digital versions of the catalogues on our website.

LL14 – Lightguide: http://www.mentor-bauelemente.de/katalog/ll/MENTOR-LL.pdf

TK4  – Keypad components: http://www.mentor-bauelemente.de/katalog/tk/MENTOR-TK.pdf

MENTOR GmbH & Co. Präzisions-Bauteile KG


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