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Thursday, 24 November 2016 14:59

Netmodule Multi-Communication Train and Vehicle Routers

Netmodule Multi-Communication Train and Vehicle Routers

NetModule's railway and vehicle router series are designed for mobile communication in public transportation (e.g. in buses, trams and trains), but also any other kind of vehicular applications such as caravans. The routers comply with industry standards 72/245/EWG (E1) and/or EN50155 to meet application specific regulations. Supporting latest WAN/LAN technologies (incl. GSM, UMTS, LTE, WiFi, GSM-R), Active GPS and Voice calls, they offer highly-available connectivity, with seamless handover between the broadband links using to the Mobile IP protocol.

A great example is Netmodule's NB3700 CompactRail EN50155 Certified 3G/4G Router with WiFi 802.11abgn and GPS.

The compact device integrates a WiFi access point and additional interfaces for various application like remote access, data acquisition and passenger information. The different application networks are separated, thus avoiding interference and guaranteeing dedicated communication paths. Equipped with multiple 3G/4G modules (multi SIM), total bandwidth can be extended to meet specific application demands. Especially in passenger Wi-Fi applications the increased total throughput gives an overall better user experience.


  • Passenger information systems
  • Passenger WiFi
  • Infotainment, digital signage
  • Electronic payment
  • Remote access
  • Data acquisition

Key Features

  • EN50155 TX / EN45545
  • LTE/UMTS modem
  • WiFi AP/client
  • 5 Ethernet M12
  • 2 digital I/O
  • OpenVPN, IPsec, QoS
  • Options: SIP-to-GSM gateway
  • Isolated power
  • Option: extended input voltage range 72, 96, 110V

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