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Endace started as a New Zealand University research project in 2001 when we developed the DAG™ Data Capture Card. which quickly redefined the packet capture market, and gained a reputation as the gold standard for accurate, reliable packet capture.

Fifteen years on, we continue to set the benchmark for 100% accurate packet-capture, Network Recording and Playback™ at high speed.


Our network recording and visibility solutions are used by some of the world's biggest companies to monitor some of the fastest, most powerful networks on the planet.

    Country: New Zealand

    Supplier's speciality

  • - network visibility
  • - network recording
  • - network monitoring

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  • Insight in your IT network

    Having experienced a security threat to your network, the first priority is damage control. Once you have that under control it is vital to find out what happened. You do this by packet capture. 

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    Delivering up to a petabyte of effective packet storage, the new EndaceProbe™ 9200 Series uses built-in compression and patent-pending Smart Truncation™ on top of 432TB of fully RAID-protected storage. All in a single, 4RU appliance that can record at a sustained 40Gbps. That’s a world first.