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AdvisorSLA provides solutions to Carriers / Service Providers and B2B customers to monitor the performance of their communication infrastructure and the quality of experience they offer to their users and customers.

AdvisorSLA proactively checks the Network Infrastructure & Service Performance by using Active Testing Technology. 

AdvisorSLA products is one the most comprehensive in the industry, offering a complete and real time understanding about the performance of network infrastructure and the quality, availability and performance of critical business applications.

AdvisorSLA solution is compliant with industry standards. It's a software based solution, interoperate with many vendors equipment and is based on Active Testing technologies.

AdvisorSLA solution has been selected by several medium to large Carriers/Service providers and large IT/B2B organizations, including Orange, Renater, Monaco Telecom, Telmex, FFCN, Telecom Italia, MGTS, Swiss Army …


AdvisorSLA, the next IP SLA generation

  • Agnostic – Network Equipment independent Solution.
  • Test Transaction based on standard, TWAMP - RFC-5357, RFC-2544, Y.1564, ….
  • Accurate – KPIs with the best accuracy on the market with µs resolution. Key point to detect specific Network behaviour like Fast Reroute, …
  • Scalable  – Simple design configuration (1 server) up to Multiple servers architecture (RDBMS)
  • Integration into existing OSS by using Standard Web Services REST API.
  • NFV/SDN ready
    Country: France

    Supplier's speciality

  • - Ethernet/IP Network Life Cycle Performance Monitoring solutions
  • - Active Testing