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WiFi Troubleshooting All-in-One With PCAP Functionality Featured


As a Professional WiFi Tester/Troubleshooter, AirCheck G2 is the Purpose Built Go-to Solution providing Interference ID & Locate, Channel Utilization Insights, Connectivity Tests, iPerf Performance Testing, Detailed Client Information and Packet-Capture Functionality. AirCheck G2’s AutoTest quickly shows Pass/Fail results for Critical Wireless Network Metrics, therewith Reducing the Time to Resolve most common WiFi issues, for Any Skill Level Technician.


    AirCheck G2 Use Cases

  • - Troubleshooting most common WiFi complaints.
    - WiFi Coverage and Performance Validation.
    - Identification and Localization of Interferers, AP’s, Clients.
    - Detailed Connectivity and Roaming Testing.
    - Automated Situational Report Generation.

  • Key Features

  • AutoTest – Reporting an Essential STEP-1 pass/fail diagnosis in the wireless (3x3 802.11a/b/g/n/ac) test environments.
    - Top three channels in each band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with highest (traffic) airtime utilization (WiFi and non-WiFi).
    - Top three channels in each band with most APs on the same channel (also ACI) that exceed signal level thresholds.
    - Verified network coverage, security and ability to connect to essential services.

    Simplified Spectrum Analyzer – Matching RF-signatures from interfering sources with its internal database, AirCheck G2 provides the operator with an Identification of the source and Locate functionality.

    Connectivity testing – Validate WiFi and UTP essential services (PoE, DHCP, DNS, VLAN, …) are configured as expected and target servers are reachable (TCP/Ping). Roaming experience/issues can visualized by walking around with AirCheck G2 while connected to a network.

    Client Details – Insight in Client parameters such as connected/probing to which AP, connection rate, and signal levels (SNR), can often help Prove it’s NOT the network.

    Throughput Testing – UDP/TCP up- and downstream performance testing, verifies if user QoE and/or speed limitation thresholds are met.

    AirCheck G2 is Remotely Controllable via VNC and Fully Functional.

  • FREE Project Management and Collaboration Platform Included

  • Serving as a centralized test results and reporting database for your organization, Link-Live transforms team workflows with the ability to log, document, and report test activity from all your professionals in the field. This complementary internet-hosted service is available from anywhere at any time using any device with a browser and internet connection.

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  • Main Advantages

    Intuitive All-in-One Device
  • Interference ID & Locate
  • AutoTest Assistant
  • iPerf Throughput Testing
  • Packet Capture functionality
  • Ethernet Connectivity Testport

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    Het Testen en Troubleshooten op moderne Wi-Fi netwerken hoeft niet moeilijk te zijn. AirCheck G2 Wi-Fi tester / Wi-Fi analyzer is een toonaangevende handheld, die ondersteunt bij het snel en accuraat identificeren én oplossen van veelvoorkomende Wi-Fi problemen. Met AutoTest, inzicht in kanaalbelasting, Interferer ID & Locate, connectiviteitstests, iPerf-performancetests, gedetailleerde Client informatie en pakket-capture-functionaliteit is AirCheck G2 een professionele alleskunner.



    NETSCOUT is a leading provider of networking service assurance, cybersecurity and business intelligence solutions. The product portfolio spans both enterprise and service provider environments, unlocking the power of IP-based data to give you the visibility, security, performance, usage and experience insights needed to deliver uninterrupted, flawless services to your customers. This includes enterprise network monitoring solutions and Unified Comminications (UC) monitoring solutions.

    The portfolio of handheld test solutions for IP wired- and wireless networks became NetAlly in 2019.

  • NetAlly

    For over 25 years, the team behind NetAlly have been the #1 ally of network professionals worldwide. They began by making the world’s first handheld network analyzer – the LANMeter ® – and have continued as industry pacesetters ever since, first under Fluke Networks ® then NETSCOUT ®.

    Popular most recent handheld network testtools (HNT) LinkRunner and AirCheck have now become part of the NetAlly brand. As an independent organization owned by private investment company StoneCalibre, NetAlly will now continue to set the standard for innovative network test solutions.

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    Colorado Springs, Colorado USA – August 14, 2019 – Today marks the launch of NetAlly®, a new company comprised of a team that has been developing highly recognized and respected brands of portable network test solutions for over 25 years. Formerly a business unit of NETSCOUT®, and previously part of Fluke Networks®, the company is now an independent provider of handheld testing solutions including the LinkRunner® Network Auto-Tester, AirCheck™ G2 Wireless Tester, ......

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    De boetes liegen er niet om: vier procent van de omzet met een maximum van twintig miljoen euro. En de raad van bestuur is hoofdelijk aansprakelijk. Met een Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, die straks streng gaat handhaven, hebben we het hier niet over bangmakerij. Hoe zorg je ervoor dat de kans op een boete of reputatieschade tot het minimum beperkt wordt? Door de bescherming van persoonsgegevens tot prioriteit nummer één te maken. De burger/patiënt/consument staat in de GDPR namelijk centraal.

    Netwerk monitoring zal ook aan deze norm moeten voldoen. NETSCOUT® monitoring and security solutions, met in het bijzonder nGenius® Packet Flow System (PFS) zorgt ervoor dat er zichtbaarheid (visibility) ontstaat voor bedrijven, die voldoet aan de regelgeving, of dit nu cloud- , hybride- of lokale netwerken zijn is om het even.

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    NETSCOUT is een partner van Citrix en biedt met hun Real-time layer 2-7 monitoring van XenApp, XenDesktop en NetScaler, de juiste oplossing om problemen rondom Citrix omgevingen snel en adequaat te onderzoeken. Het nGeniusOne Service Assurance Platform biedt zeer uitgebreid inzicht in de performancekarakteristieken van alle applicaties die via een Citrix omgeving geleverd worden, maar ook van de Citrix resources, waardoor exact wordt aangeven waar eventuele service degradaties optreden. Ook binnen een virtuele omgeving is dit mogelijk door middel van virtuele probes.