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Thursday, 03 October 2019 09:22

VeEX introduces internet speed tester up to 10 Gbps


The NET-BOX is a low-cost hardware-based internet speed tester for Business and Residential high-speed internet access services, which go beyond 500 Mbps and up to 10 Gbps.

As you may know laptops and software tools are limited by their CPU and Ethernet port to speeds below 1 Gbps, so a change in testing, verification and service assurance is required for Gigabit services. That’s the market for the upcoming NET-BOX.

With an intuitive mobile app as it’s GUI, 4x 1000BASE-T ports and 1x SFP, for BASE-X interfaces, the NET-BOX is ready to solve the challenges service providers face when increasing their internet services speeds to gigabit and beyond. Providing proof of performance above 500 Mbps is a challenge for service providers using PC tools and, to make it worse, their customers may be running their own "tests" using free apps on their smartphones and tablets and calling customer service to complain that they are not getting the speeds they are paying for, triggering unnecessary truck rolls. Subscribers perception of quality can play a big roll in the operational cost. NET-BOX is the tool to prove Quality of Service (Qos) and improve Quality of Experience (QoE)

Target Market: The NET-BOX is not intended to replace or complement any of VeEX's Ethernet capable products, as most of them already offer V-TEST (HTTP speed test) and V-PERF (RFC6349 TCP speed test) options. It is oriented to the high-volume market of high-speed internet installation crews who currently carry no reliable test equipment or have very basic meters from other vendors. That is where the economies of scale benefit us and our customers with low cost and large deployments (quantities).

Availability: We are expecting to start shipping the NET-BOX 4G within Q4 2019.

You can find more product related info here:

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