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Wednesday, 30 January 2019 12:52

Heynen BV: New Reseller in the Allegro Packets Network

Heynen BV: New Reseller in the Allegro Packets Network

Leipzig / Gennep / Luxembourg, 30. January 2019 - Allegro Packets GmbH, a leading provider and specialist in monitoring and network analysis, has extended its European Partner program. Allegro Packets is now working closely with the Dutch reseller and a service partner Heynen BV to expand its activities in the international market.

With immediate effect, Allegro Packets has a new Dutch partner at its side which has many years of success as a leading supplier of test and measurement technology in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The agreement between the two companies covers the entire Allegro Packets product portfolio.

Allegro Packets 

Allegro Packets' state-of-the-art network diagnostic tools include the Allegro 200, 1000, 3000 and Allegro 5000 series. These products are now offered throughout the Benelux by Heynen BV. The Allegro Packets tools are extensively deployed by network administrators around the world to analyze network traffic in real-time and to store previous network events to allow detailed in-depth analysis. As a result, network problems, performance bottlenecks and packet losses can be quickly identified. The Allegro Network Multimeter uses high performance, powerful software algorithms to analyze load peaks and disturbances. At the same time, it acts as a powerful network monitoring tool to ensure high network quality.


Heynen BV is one of the most significant suppliers of test and measurement equipment in the Benelux, continuously developing innovative technologies and strategically investing in niche markets.


Katrin Pflugfelder, founder and managing director of Allegro Packets stated: "We are working closely together with Heynen BV to achieve common goals in a sustainable way. For us and our new partner, quality and professional business strategy to support our clients are our top priorities. Based on their many years of experience, Heynen BV has the necessary knowledge and skill to continue to be one of the leaders in this growing international market. This gives us the opportunity to pursue our mutual sales strategy and provide our customers with the best possible service."


"The partnership with Allegro Packets is very important for our 2019 sales targets" commented Lennart Heijnen, CEO at Heynen BV on the agreement. "We are valued by our customers because we develop innovative products for them in the areas of network testing and analysis, monitoring and cyber security solutions. The inclusion of Allegro Packets' products provides us with the best possible conditions to support our customers in the best possible way and to expand our market position.”

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