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Thursday, 25 July 2019 11:16

Allegro Packets Announces Release 2.4

Allegro Packets Announces Release 2.4

The new firmware Release 2.4.0 is available for the Allegro Network Multimeter. This firmware contains many new features compared with Release 2.3.0 and can be installed on all models. Allegro Packets explained the new features in a webcast for all customers. Heynen is also happy to provide the recording afterwards by request.

The most important new V 2.4.0 features in Allegro Network Multimeter at a glance: 

  • Transparent compression of the In-Memory DB for 50% more storage duration ‘Trim’ feature for graphs
  • CSV export of the IP table
  • ERSPAN support as transmitter
  • ERSPAN and GRE support on the monitoring ports
  • Global connection view
  • Graphical dashboard
  • IPFIX export
  • Advanced SIP statistics
  • Advanced DNS statistics
  • Generic representation of RTP loss
  • NIC filter for IP pairs
  • L7 protocol filter for the ring buffer
  • Partial recording of L7 in the ring buffer
  • URL for remote control can be generated
  • Pcap file names can be created with a local time zone
  • Bandwidth events can now have a duration
  • Second MGT interface via USB (Allegro 500 and higher)
  • IP ToS is now also correctly displayed for non DSCP classes
  • Filters in the search bars are persistent
  • Path measurement supports automatic reconnect
  • Pcap upload can now also load pkt files
  • Timeout (adjustable) for login

Additionally, several bug fixes and minor improvements are included.

Download Release 2.4.0 PDF 

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to help you. Please call Heynen +31 485 55 09 09

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