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Thursday, 16 April 2020 12:25

Unified Communications: Testen

Ixia Communications – Hawkeye


Hawkeye is Ixia’s active network test en monitoring platform en helpt u om service uitval en downtime te voorkomen. In plaats van het bestaande netwerkverkeer te monitoren, simuleren de Hawkeye probes synthetisch netwerkverkeer tussen hardware- en software-endpoints.

Thursday, 16 April 2020 12:21

Unified Communications: Monitoren

Netscout Communications – nGeniusOne

Bij veel organisaties is recentelijk het aantal thuiswerkers fors toegenomen. Deze thuiswerkers maken op grote schaal gebruik van Unified Communications oplossingen voor communicatie met kantoor en externe contacten. 

Thursday, 16 April 2020 12:10

Unified Communications: Onderzoeken

Allegro Packets

Allegro Network Multimeter is een packet based netwerkanalyzer, uitermate geschikt voor onder meer kwaliteitsbewaking en probleemoplossing rondom Unified Communications. Passerend netwerkverkeer wordt in real-time geanalyseerd en verwerkt tot verhelderende overzichten. De database van gecorreleerde meetgegevens (packet meta-data) en netwerkstatistieken wordt in RAM-geheugen opgebouwd. Dit maakt Allegro Network Multimeter niet alleen ongekend snel, maar ook nog eens volledig AVG/GDPR compliant.

Monday, 23 March 2020 08:39

The impact of working from home

The impact of working from home

Many of us work from home at the moment. The VPN connections are getting busier and this has an impact on corporate networks in terms of performance and security. That's why we have prepared a manual on how you can easily monitor network performance and security without major changes.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020 13:21

Tempo Communications Fiber Tool Kits

Tempo Communications

The Tempo Communications Fiber Optic Tool Kits provides four kit options to satisfy varying tasks that the fiber optic technician may encounter. The tool kits contain all the common tools required to effectively and safely complete the job in an efficient manner. Each tool kit is supplied in a rugged carry case to safely keep all tools organized for easy storage and retrieval for use. Extra pockets are incorporated to hold accessories and other tools.

Monday, 14 October 2019 10:09

Agenda netAlly seminar Belgium



We are happy to invite you to our netAlly* seminar on Thursday October 24th.

*netAlly is the new brand name of former Netscout handheld network test tools  



The NET-BOX is a low-cost hardware-based internet speed tester for Business and Residential high-speed internet access services, which go beyond 500 Mbps and up to 10 Gbps.

Roland Bellem van Infrabel

De schermen en luidsprekers op de treinstations, de Wi-Fi Access points, de kaartverkoopmachines en de laptops van het personeel; alles in de treinstations en seinhuizen met een IP aansluiting, hangt in het netwerk waar Infrabel ICT verantwoordelijk voor is. Hoe Roland Bellem, security technology coördinator van Infrabel ICT, ondersteuning geeft opdat de lokale ICT ervoor zorgt dat het IP netwerk te allen tijde in topconditie is, vertelt hij ons graag!

Tempo Communications

Omni Marker II levert een nieuw ontwerp en verbeterde technologie voor een veiliger en nauwkeuriger graven. 

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 08:33

LinkRunner and AirCheck now with NetAlly

LinkRunner and AirCheck now with NetAlly

NetAlly Spins Out of NETSCOUT to Further Drive the Handheld Network Testing (HNT) portfolio. Company’s first product enhancements include AirCheck G2 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) support and new Link-Live cloud platform updates that centralize tester management and data visibility for network engineers and technicians

Colorado Springs, Colorado USA – August 14, 2019 – Today marks the launch of NetAlly®, a new company comprised of a team that has been developing highly recognized and respected brands of portable network test solutions for over 25 years. Formerly a business unit of NETSCOUT®, and previously part of Fluke Networks®, the company is now an independent provider of handheld testing solutions including the LinkRunner® Network Auto-Tester, AirCheck™ G2 Wireless Tester, ......

Thursday, 25 July 2019 11:16

Allegro Packets Announces Release 2.4

Allegro Packets Announces Release 2.4

The new firmware Release 2.4.0 is available for the Allegro Network Multimeter. This firmware contains many new features compared with Release 2.3.0 and can be installed on all models. Allegro Packets explained the new features in a webcast for all customers. Heynen is also happy to provide the recording afterwards by request.

Forbes names AEM one of Asia’s ‘Best Under a Billion’ 2019

AEM, the maker of the TestPro cable certifier is a diversified company that also supplies semiconductor equipment and machine-vision technology. AEM Holdings, manufacturer of the TestPro Multifunction Cable Tester, recently was named one of Asia’s ‘Best Under a Billion’ firms by Forbes—referring to the company’s annual revenues of less than $1 billion.

AEM TestPro CV100 Multi-gig Link Speed Qualification SNR/BERT

AEM TestPro CV100 validates a cabling link for high performance Ethernet standards including 1 / 2.5 / 5 / 10GBASE-T. End-to-end Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) measurement provides a quick and objective assessment of link performance under network load condition. The Autotest feature of the TestPro is the easiest way to ensure that a cabling link will the desired network rate.


Delivering up to a petabyte of effective packet storage, the new EndaceProbe™ 9200 Series uses built-in compression and patent-pending Smart Truncation™ on top of 432TB of fully RAID-protected storage. All in a single, 4RU appliance that can record at a sustained 40Gbps. That’s a world first.

Thursday, 07 February 2019 07:10

Allegro Packets Announces Release 2.3

Allegro Packets Announces Release 2.3

The new firmware version 2.3.0 is available for the Allegro Network Multimeter. This firmware contains many new features compared to version 2.2.2 and can be installed on all devices with support. Allegro Packets will explain the new features in a webcast for all customers. This will take place on 12.2.2019 at 2pm CET and will be conducted by Klaus Degner.

Arvato Systems: Allegro Packets in Continuous Use

 IT service provider Arvato Systems Optimizes Network Troubleshooting with the Allegro Network Multimeter. With more than 2,600 employees at over 25 locations worldwide, Arvato Systems, the IT specialist of the Bertelsmann Group is one of the major global IT service providers. The company specializes in IT solutions that help support smooth digital transformation for their customers. The Arvato Systems team develops tailor-made IT solutions and services, integrates suitable digital processes and takes care of the efficient IT operation of its customers.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018 12:56

Allegro Packets Announces Release 2.2

Allegro Packets Announces Release 2.2

Leipzig, 26. October 2018 - Allegro Packets announces the latest upgrade of their state-of-the-art analysis and monitoring software for the Allegro Network Multimeter product family. This release enables network administrators to stay one step ahead of changes in the fast-paced network market and eliminate the high cost and disruption often caused by reconfiguration issues. For network administrators, this latest release will result in lower operating costs and improved performance, along with significantly higher long-term agility.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 08:54

IXIA BeNeLux partner training

IXIA BeNeLux partner training
IXIA Benelux Partner Support. In dept technical training at Heynen offices. Getting to know all aspects from IXIA Network Packet Brokers, Taps, Bypass switches providing single pane of glass for Deep dive in Testing Solutions for IP Networks, Network Security, VOIP, VOLTE, VoWiFi, NFV, SDN, SD-WAN, EPC, vEPC, IMS, 3G+4G+5G,
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 08:51

IXIA Cloudlens Delivery

IXIA Cloudlens Delivery
A large number of Ixia Cloudlens Network Packet Prokers are delivered into Belgium end of December 2017. These will provide full network visibility across the public, private, and hybrid clouds from an undisclosed tier one customer. Both IXIA and Heynen are looking forward to support this important project.
Bescherming van persoonsgegevens tijdens monitoring

De boetes liegen er niet om: vier procent van de omzet met een maximum van twintig miljoen euro. En de raad van bestuur is hoofdelijk aansprakelijk. Met een Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, die straks streng gaat handhaven, hebben we het hier niet over bangmakerij. Hoe zorg je ervoor dat de kans op een boete of reputatieschade tot het minimum beperkt wordt? Door de bescherming van persoonsgegevens tot prioriteit nummer één te maken. De burger/patiënt/consument staat in de GDPR namelijk centraal.

Netwerk monitoring zal ook aan deze norm moeten voldoen. NETSCOUT® monitoring and security solutions, met in het bijzonder nGenius® Packet Flow System (PFS) zorgt ervoor dat er zichtbaarheid (visibility) ontstaat voor bedrijven, die voldoet aan de regelgeving, of dit nu cloud- , hybride- of lokale netwerken zijn is om het even.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017 07:02

HL7 monitoring with nGenius One

nGenius One plaform for HL7 monitoring
Op het gebied van ICT innovatie en volwassenheid worden grote stappen gemaakt door zorg organisaties als we kijken naar een steeds meer centrale benadering van zorg verlenen. Snel en veilig op een kosten efficiënte manier interactie maken met het elektronisch patiënten dossier (EPD), imaging services (DICOM) en diagnostische testresultaten bestemd voor de specialisten en/of communicatie met patiënten behoren in de zorg tot de dagelijkse activiteiten.
Wednesday, 13 September 2017 06:55

Citrix XenApp monitoring

nGenius Citrix XenApp monitoring
NETSCOUT is een partner van Citrix en biedt met hun Real-time layer 2-7 monitoring van XenApp, XenDesktop en NetScaler, de juiste oplossing om problemen rondom Citrix omgevingen snel en adequaat te onderzoeken. Het nGeniusOne Service Assurance Platform biedt zeer uitgebreid inzicht in de performancekarakteristieken van alle applicaties die via een Citrix omgeving geleverd worden, maar ook van de Citrix resources, waardoor exact wordt aangeven waar eventuele service degradaties optreden. Ook binnen een virtuele omgeving is dit mogelijk door middel van virtuele probes.
Wednesday, 14 June 2017 07:21

De Link-Live Cloud is vernieuwd!

De Link-Live Cloud is vernieuwd!

Probeer nu de volledig vernieuwde Link-Live Cloud repository!
Link-Live is een gratis dienst welke is verbonden aan alle handheld netwerktesters van NetAlly. Testresultaten worden (optioneel) automatisch door de tools naar Link-Live geüpload en zijn hiermee gecentraliseerd gearchiveerd.

Vendor change notes:
1. Overhaul of our look and feel to follow modern standards...

Thursday, 01 June 2017 06:43

AirCheck G2

AirCheck G2

Wi-Fi is een complexe technologie, maar het testen van een Wi-Fi netwerk hoeft dat niet te zijn. AirCheck G2 is een robuuste en portable “Instant-ON” Wi-Fi troubleshooter. Met behulp van de sterke 3×3 ac radio toont de AutoTest functie binnen enkele seconden de “luchtkwaliteit” met duidelijke pass/fail identificaties. De 3 meest “problematische” kanalen worden met AutoTest geïdentificeerd op basis van 802.11 utilization, non-802.11 utilization, co-channel interference en adjacent channel interference.

Thursday, 01 June 2017 06:11



De betaalbare zakformaat ethernet- en kabeltester voor iedereen! Met één druk op de knop voert de LinkSprinter in enkele seconden een basis end-to-end connectiviteitstest uit en documenteert deze in een rapportje. Meer-kleuren LED’s tonen hierbij duidelijke pass/fail indicaties voor de ingestelde PoE drempelwaarde, link-snelheid, netwerkservices en internetconnectie.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 09:13

LinkRunner AT

LinkRunner AT

De snelste en meest complete koper+fiber (802.1x) netwerktester met Wiremap en rapportage functionaliteit! LinkRunner AT is een “Instant-ON” profiel-gebaseerde netwerk AutoTester voor koper en fiber! Deze robuuste handheld valideert en documenteert in luttele seconden connectiviteit met tot wel 10 (locatie-specifieke) services en apparaten op een (Gb) netwerk.

Friday, 12 May 2017 08:24

Network visibility for dummies

network visibilities for dummies
Bij het ontwerpen van enterprise security omgeving gaat de aandacht vaak uit naar de mogelijkheden en functies van security- en monitoring applicaties. Maar net zo belangrijk is het om deze tools van het juiste netwerkverkeer te voorzien. Want je kunt je allen beveiligen tegen wat je ziet. Dit E-book beschrijft hoe je een effectieve security architectuur voor je netwerk bouwt.
Access Points By Technology

This 802.11ac Migration Guide offers essential best practices, tips and recommendations to help with the move to 11ac, from the industry leader in design, deployment and troubleshooting of 802.11ac networks.
Read this guide and you’ll be armed with the know-how for a move to 11ac for your enterprise Wi-Fi network.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 10:55

Netwerk monitoring heeft een nieuwe linecard

Netwerk monitoring heeft een nieuwe linecard

De nieuwe linecard is nu beschikbaar

Rycom Marconi Oranje

Marconi Oranje gebruikt met veel succes de Rycom kabelzoeker van Heynen in het veld. Marconi Oranje zet de kabelzoeker in netten van netbeheerders en in de industrie in. Dit zowel op spanningsloze- als op onder spanning staande kabels.

Allot Cloud Acces Optimalisatie

Datacenter specialisten en telecom operatoren bieden al decennia lang datacenter, IT infrastructuur en communicatie diensten aan het MKB aan. Cloud diensten zijn een uitbreiding van dit pakket en bieden het bedrijfsleven meer flexibiliteit in de toegankelijkheid en het beheer van bedrijfsapplicaties. Voor steeds meer datacenter specialisten en telecom operatoren hoort cloud technologie tot het vaste portfolio en zorgt zo voor inkomsten in het domein van enterprise cloud en managed hosting.

Service Delivery using Allot vTDF

Allot Communications Ltd. Is een toonaangevende wereldwijde leverancier van intelligente breedband oplossingen die operatoren helpen om hun netwerk te optimaliseren, meer inkomsten uit het netwerk te genereren en die ondernemingen en organisaties helpt om hun productiviteit te verhogen. Recent heeft Allot aangekondigd om deel te nemen aan het HP OpenNFV Partner Program. Dit is een initiatief dat de telecommunicatie-industrie in staat stelt om nieuwe diensten en vernieuwingen in het netwerk sneller te lanceren door het core-netwerk en bepaalde netwerkfuncties te virtualiseren.

Friday, 17 July 2015 13:40

Allot cloudtrends rapport q2 2015

Allot Cloudtrends report Q2 2015

Elk kwartaal brengt Allot Communications het CloudTrends rapport uit. Allot baseert het rapport op de analyse van het netwerkverkeer van bedrijven, instellingen, scholen (universiteiten) en service providers. De editie Q2/2015 heeft een focus op security in cloud omgevingen. De belangrijkste conclusie van het rapport is dat door de toename in mobiliteit en het gebruik van cloud applicaties medewerkers vaak onbewust en onbedoeld toegang tot gevoelige bedrijfsinformatie geven. Het gebruik van sociale netwerken, file sharing, instant messenging en versleutelde proxy's opent achterdeuren naar het bedrijfsnetwerk voor hackers en kwaadaardige content. Naast dat dit verkeer een negatieve invloed op het netwerk heeft en de productiviteit beïnvloed, kan het voor de organisatie allerlei (reputatie) schade veroorzaken.

Delivering the digital experience

Microsoft heeft met de introductie van Office 365 het gebruik van office applicaties drastisch veranderd. De lage kosten, geen gedoe met softwareonderhoud en altijd toegang tot bedrijfskritische applicaties zijn sprekende voordelen. Veel organisaties stappen dan ook over op het gebruik van MS Office 365. Maar is uw internet access infrastructuur klaar voor Office 365?

Friday, 26 June 2015 08:06

Super Tech Maintenance Tool for CATV


VeEX® Adds the Cable Expert Test Module to its RXT Modular Platform

VeEX Inc., a global leader in Telecom, CATV, Fiber and Broadband Access, today announced the Cable Expert Test Module addition for the RXT-1200, the company's flagship modular multi-service platform.

Thursday, 10 May 2012 08:16

Fluke Networks & Forrester webcast

Fluke Networks webinar

Join our guest speaker Senior Analyst, Andre Kindness from Forrester Research, Inc at this Fluke Networks- hosted webinar, as he discusses how more and more enterprises embrace bring your own device (BYOD) policies, smartphones and tablets are flooding wireless LANs (WLANs). This trend is being driven, not just by the top, but every facet of the business.

Tuesday, 03 April 2012 12:33

Opticom introduces POLQA


Introducing the Next-Generation Mobile Voice Quality Testing Standard for HD-Voice, VoIP, 3G and 4G/LTE.

Designed by the perceptual quality experts, the technology upgrade and designated successor for PESQ was approved in 2011 as the new ITU-T Standard P.863. OPTICOM offers standard-setting POLQA reference implementations, along with legacy PESQ and ECHO-TQ (Talking Quality) measurements for various platforms/OS. Learn more about POLQA from Opticom

Tuesday, 03 April 2012 12:22

Measure leackage with the AMA310

KWS AMA310 leackage

Since May 2009, the Federal Net Agency (BnetzA) has been successively checking all Cable Net if the max. allowed interfering field limit is being exceeded.

These inspections take place within the legal standards (SchuTSEV). With help from the new option in AMA 310 as well as the additional equipment which is available at KWS (e.g. calibrated YAGI-antenna) you can check your cable net for HF-density. Finding the leakage that causes higher interference radition is made easier this way.

Monday, 05 March 2012 10:19

ClearSight™ Analyzer

ClearSight™ Analyzer

The award-winning ClearSight Analyzer(CSA) offers advanced application-centric monitoring and performance analysis , enabling enterprise Network Administrators and Engineers to maintain,diagnose,and resolve application and network performance issues in multi-protocol network environments. CSA supports the most commonly used protocols, and users can import Wireshark decodes to take advantage of protocol decodes contributed from the open-source community – making CSA the most versatile protocol analysis tool in the market.

KWS AMA310 Tilt

The purpose of the TILT function is to enable easier evaluation for spectrum in CATV net. Most of all the leveling of amplifiers is made easier.

The setting of level reductions can be secured in the adjustment mode. Normally 256 QAM transponder is lowered about 4 dB compared to PAL transponder and 10 dB for 64 QAM transponder. These corrections are automatically calculated in the spectrum display.


Rycom Instruments® is proud to offer locating professionals this video, Locating Buried Utilities with Your Rycom Instruments® Locator. Locating buried utilities, while not complicated, does require practical knowledge for locates to be accurate. The principles of locating are simple to follow and the concepts in the video are applicable to any locator.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012 14:41

Fixed Attenuator News

Weinschel Attenuator

Models from 50 to 1,000 watts (average) and 0.25 to 10 kilowatts (peak. Most models offer choice of 3, 6, 10, 20, 30 dB values. Models with Type N, SMA, 2.9mm and 3.5mm. Convection and conduction cooled design. Bi-directional designs to 200 Watts.

Fluke Networks Premier Advantage Partner

Fluke Networks is making some organizational changes to better serve the Dutch enterprise market.

In order to continue to best serve the Dutch Enterprise market, it is with great pleasure to hereby introduce our new distribution partner, Heynen. Starting today Heynen will represent Fluke Networks’ Enterprise Network Analyser Solutions on the Dutch market. This includes the Etherscope, Network Time Machine and of course the popular OptiView XG product families.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 07:19

Prove it's not the network!

Prove it's not the network!

Troubleshooting network and application performance issues can be challenging and time consuming. It is difficult to isolate whether the cause of performance degradation is coming from the client, the servers, the network, or the behavior of the application itself.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012 08:41

Improving Application Visibility Problems

Improving Application Visibility Problems

Resources for Improving Application Visibility Problems have nowhere to hide **VIDEO**

Do users complain about a slow network when it's really just the application that's sluggish? Do nagging intermittent problems waste time and resources without any resolution? Are you struggling to troubleshoot performance problems that happened days or weeks ago?

Heynen BV: New Reseller in the Allegro Packets Network

Leipzig / Gennep / Luxembourg, 30. January 2019 - Allegro Packets GmbH, a leading provider and specialist in monitoring and network analysis, has extended its European Partner program. Allegro Packets is now working closely with the Dutch reseller and a service partner Heynen BV to expand its activities in the international market.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011 11:07

Radcom's new R70X8 probe

Radcom's new R70X8 probe

Today's major challenge is how to perform detailed analysis of traffic in high throughput networks while maintaining minimal footprint. GEARX8 was introduced to answer this challenge. GEARX8 is a combination of an innovative hardware and software design.

Closing Wireless Loopholes for PCI Compliance and Security

Personal information is under attack by hackers, and credit card information is among the most valuable. While enterprises have had years to develop security countermeasures to protect information on wired networks, wireless networks have created unique opportunities for exploitation.

Lancope Announces Top 5 Security Predicitions for 2012

Advanced persistent threats and insider threats expected to increase; industrialized attacks and employee misuse and abuse also remain top security concerns

Wednesday, 21 December 2011 14:48

Radcom at MWC Barcelona 2012

Radcom at MWC Barcelona 2012

RADCOM is exhibiting in Mobile World Congress 2012. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a meeting with a RADCOM representative and see the latest solutions from RADCOM.

Radcom OmniQ for IMS

RADCOM, Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: RDCM), a leading network test and service assurance solutions provider, has announced that KPN, the Netherlands' major telecom operator, has selected RADCOM's Omni-Q solution for end-to-end monitoring of its IMS network. KPN will deploy the distributed system, based on RADCOM's powerful R70 probes, to facilitate fault management, service performance analysis, troubleshooting and pre-mediation.

Sunrise Telecom® provides New CM2800E Test Solution for Telenet

CM2800E delivers the fastest, non-interfering and highest resolution sweep, combined with triple-play and network service analysis.

SAN JOSE, Calif., February 1, 2010 - Sunrise Telecom® Inc. (Pink Sheets: SRTI), a leader in test and measurement solutions for telecom, wireless and cable networks, today announced that Telenet, Belgium's largest MSO, has standardized on Sunrise Telecom's CM2800E for its cable services field technicians . Telenet's selection of the CM2800E strengthens its long-term, trusting relationship with Sunrise Telecom.

Thursday, 24 November 2011 09:41



Most Comprehensive Carrier Ethernet Service Activation Test Suite

ITU-T Y.1564, formerly known Y.156sam, is the Ethernet Service Activation Test Methodology, ensuring that service providers can do a proper job of verifying the correct configuration and performance of these services at the time of service activation. Sunrise Telecom's numerous contributions to Y.1564 helped drive the ITU-T Y.156sam from its 1st generation set of capabilities which included CIR/EIR/Traffic Policing functionality, to the 2nd generation which expanded the bandwidth profile coverage to CIR/CBS/EIR/EBS/CM/Traffic Policing capability.