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Tuesday, 05 November 2013 11:09

Pole Zero Mini-Pole Filter Series

Pole Zero Mini-Pole Filter Series

The MINI-POLE Microwave Series of tunable filters was developed to address applications needing a small, surface mount package with higher power. Parallel or serial digital interface can be selected by a mode pin for ease of integration into your design and choose from a large variety of bandwidth and insertion loss combinations.

General Information

The MINI-POLE Microwave filter requires two supply voltages. A +5 VDC analog supply and a +1.65 to +5.5 VDC digital supply. An on-board +100 VDC DC-DC converter is included. If low frequency noise is of concern, then this supply can be disabled and an external +100 VDC supply may be used. This supply voltage should be adequately filtered as noise present on these pins will influence the RF signal purity.

Digital Interface Information

The digital interface format can be either SPI serial or parallel depending on the state of the mode control pin. All data input pins are universal data bus capable of 1.8-V, 2.5-V, 3.3-V, and 5-V voltage nodes and selected by the VCCD supply.


Frequency Coverage:

700 MHz to 3000 MHz coverage in multiple bands

Input/Output Impedance:

50 Ă

Inband Input/Output VSWR:

1.5: 1 typical, 2.2: 1 max

Insertion Loss:

5 dB +/- 1 dB typ

Percent Bandwidth:

2.5% +/- 0.5

Ultimate Attenuation:

50 dB typical

Shape Factor (30dB/3dB):

6 +/- 0.5 typical, 8 max

Inband RF Power Handling:

+30 dBm (input)

Out of Band RF Power Handling:

+36 dBm (input)

Inband Third Order Intercept Point:

+40 dBm (input)

Tuning Control:

Parallel or Serial

Tuning Speed:

25 gsec typical, 35 gsec max

DC Power:

+5 VDC . 250 mA (Lower Power Possible)

+1.65 - +5.5 VDC 18uA max

Operating Temperature Range:

-40 to +85¢


1.50¨ x 1.50¨ x 0.25¨