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Microtech is a leading producer for Thick and Thin Film Technology SMD chip resistors and networks.

Due to a long experience within this category Microtech is able to produce high quality products in standard and precision versions (narrow tolerances and low TC values) suitable for several market segments.

Also Microtech is an AEC Q200 certified and approved supplier for resistors that are used for the automotive industry.

Suppliers Specialty:

- Thick Film and Thin Film Technology chip resistors in standard and precision versions.

- Arrays, networks and trimmable resistors.

- SMD Temperature sensors like PT100, PT500 and PT100 resistors.

- Customized products.

    Country: Germany
    Website: http://www.microtech-teltow.de

    Supplier's speciality

  • - Metal Film Resistors
  • - Thin Film and Thick Film
  • - Professional and precision chipresistors