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Metz Microminiature SMT terminal blocks for LED applications

Deca Switchlab MWX901-400 and MWX901-800 microminiature connector for compact applications

When designing a compact LED application, microminiature SMT terminal blocks are the best space saving solution!

Deca Switchlab dedicated a lot of engineering time to create a high reliability mechanical solution in a flat design which resulted in a new series of very compact SMT terminal blocks with multiple purposes

    Market demand

  • Connecting wires to a flat and compact printed circuit board (PCB) with several LEDs, lights or indicators requires low profile wire connectors to prevent shadowing. There are a few manufacturers on the market supplying these kind of connectors. Deca Switchlab indicated however that some components suffer from mechanical failure on the pushbuttons. They've been asked to design a connector of their own to overcome this problem. The MWX901 series is the result of their engineering skills and proven by mechanical stress test.

  • Multiple purpose

  • The MWX-901 series are available in 1-, 2- and 3-pole SMT PCB terminal blocks and thereby offers a standard solution for multiple applications. The connectors can be placed side-by-side without the loss of any poles. This gives every engineer the flexibility to create whatever pole size needed. By adding the MWX901-800 to the family, even applications up to 600V can be equiped.

  • Main Advantages

    Microminiature design
  • 1-3 pole configuration
  • High reliable housing
  • 250V - 600V
  • 9A
  • UL94 V-0