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Wednesday, 08 June 2016 12:30

Mentor’s Innovative Corona lighting

Mentor’s Innovative Corona lighting

Mentor’s Corona lighting can be implemented in numerous ways and applications. It’s modular assembly with industry standard components, ensures great flexibility when customer specific solutions are demanded.

A compact and very flat (4mm) built, makes Mentor corona lighting suitable for integration in for example; BNC connectors, Keyholes, Banana plugs, custom casings and so on. It can have important functional uses for indicating, signaling, highlighting, branding, or maybe just a plain esthetics statement. Various LED, as well as cable and connector type options, guarantee easy implementation even in already existing designs.

Mentor Corona Lighting

Standard Specifications:
Corona Inner diameter: 12mm or 16mm
Light-ring width: max 2mm
LED: RGB or white
Connection type: Cable pairs or fitted with connector for 2x2 RM 2.54

Customer specific options:
Different shapes e.g. Triangle, Cubic, Ellipse, Keyholes
Custom light diffusion characteristics
Special/specific build sizes
LED: RGB, Duo, Single, Specials, low current
Variable PCB layout
Alternative (inter)connection types