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Friday, 03 July 2015 06:22

MENTOR handles and knobs

Mentor GmbH & Co. Handles and Knobs

With so much current excitement surrounding MENTOR’s innovative and leading-edge opto solutions, it is sometimes all-too-easy to forget their mechanical and electro-mechanical component heritage! However, MENTOR GmbH & Co. remains one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial handles and control knobs. They ship millions of ultra-high quality equipment / enclosure handles and turning knobs annually in their inimitable “boringly reliable” manner – delivered on time and never a quality issue!


The MENTOR handle range (a detailed catalogue downloadable here) consists of plastic, aluminium , steel and stainless steel variations in types that can be described as “U”, “bow”, bent”, “ledge”, “tray”, “collapsible”, “prop-up” and “modular” and "Handles" amongst others. Hundreds of size, material and colour variations are available as “off-the-shelf” stocked items and of course, custom solutions are always a possibility.

The MENTOR knob range (a detailed catalogue downloadable hereencompasses plastic and aluminium variants, and offers an eclectic choice of designs including specialist digital and analogue knobs. Of particular note are the modular systems which allow “pick and mix” from options of knob, cap, nut cover, pointer, pointer dial and base plate. Again, custom solutions are always possible, both in order to provide a unique look or special dimension, or to address special requirements such as dual concentric shafts with push function etc.

The MENTOR variants of natural and black-anodised aluminium knobs allow designers the ability to specify HMI products of high aesthetic appeal that will enhance the perception of any product with a front panel. 

MENTOR being MENTOR, they cannot help but experiment with combining their various technologies! Handles with LEDs and illuminated knobs are all custom possibilities based on already proven existing custom products. Perhaps the ultimate expression of this combination of technologies is illustrated by the control knob fitted to Gibson’s flagship guitar. 

Mentor GmbH & Co. Gibson guitar knob