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MediaExcel Live H265 HEVC encoding for HD contribution

MediaExcel Live H265 HEVC encoding for HD contribution

You are working on a streaming video application and you want to get the best quality at the available bit rate. In your application you need to either send a contribution stream in HD quality or distribute video in multiple screen sizes in 4K/UHD quality. You are looking to apply the latest HEVC H265 video encoding and the application needs to run trouble free in a 24/7 operation.

    MediaExcel Live H265 HEVC encoding

  • The HERO platform from Media Excel encodes video live in 4K/UHD 60fps HEVC format with HERO HEVC. The HERO video platform with the live HEVC H265 is fully available today. Many operators worldwide rely on the HERO platform for multiscreen encoding and transcoding. It is incorporated in a variety of video ecosystems and offers great compliancy (compatibility) and reliability. The HERO platform stands out by the video quality it offers and management interface it supports.

  • HERO supports your application

  • Whether live or on demand, in the cloud/headend or local, contribution or distribution, Media Excel has the solution you are seeking, setting the standard for video quality, reliability, flexibility and scalability. Media Excel offers the HERO Cloud Live/VoD encoder / transcoder, a proven, reliable, flexible, and seamlessly integrated software encoding platform for Cloud and Virtual operations, and HERO 5000, for ground/datacenter operations.

  • Main Advantages

    Live HEVC H265 video encodnig available today
  • Reliability that meets your broadcast standards
  • Great management interface that puts you in control of your video encoding application

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  • Media Excel

    Media Excel defines the multi-screen transcoding standard for video delivery across the head-end, cloud and edge video distribution network. 

    The HERO platform is the most flexible and reliable multi-screen transcoding software providing the highest video quality running on our scalable hardware or yours. It includes an advanced management software package.

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