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Reed switch with a high quality solution for a wide range of applications!

Reed switch with a high quality solution for a wide range of applications!

High quality for a wide range reed switch:

Standex-Meder Electronics announces the GR400 Series miniature reed switch. This 10mm reed switch provides a low-cost solution for a wide range of applications, including counting, end limit detection, low power devices, movement or position detection, and presence, proximity, rotation, or speed sensing. These applications span many industries: aerospace, automotive, HVAC, test and measurement, security, and more.

The Standex Meder GR400

The GR400 offers excellent electrical characteristics, with zero to 10 W of rated power, a switching voltage of zero to 180 volts (VDC/VAC), a maximum switching current of 0.5 amps, and a maximum carry current of 0.8 amps. It is available in an operating sensitivity of 7-30 Ampere-turns, and operating temperature range of -40°C – 125°C. The breakdown voltage across the dynamically tested contacts is 230 VDC with a maximum contact resistance of 150 milliohms.

Like many Standex-Meder reed switches, the GR400 Series is tested to ensure a long life, capable of tens of millions of trouble-free switching cycles. With no power consumption and zero emissions, it is also RoHS compliant, UL recognized, and REACH compliant. The GR400 is available in a contact form 1A (SPST) (normally open contact), center gap.


- Dynamically tested contacts
- Hermetically sealed
- Long life
- Millions of reliable operations
- Miniature size
- No power consumption
- Zero emissions
- Suitable in many marketsegments like: Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Household, Medical, Test & Measurement equipment, Telecom.


- Counting
- End limit detection
- Low power devices
- Movement detection
- Position detection
- Presence sensing
- Proximity sensing
- Rotation sensing
- Speed sensing