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Make your cameraman mobile

ABonAir Wireless HD Camera Link ABonAir

You want to take your camera to where the action is. Without having to carry and unwind a long wire to the OB Truck. But you can't compromise on picture quality and reliability. And you need support for Tally, CCU and Intercom.

    ABonAir Wireless HD Camera link

  • ABonAir’s wireless HD camera link makes your cameraman mobile. The wireless camera set that consist of a transmitter that fits on all popular professional camera’s and a receiver unit. It uses compression technology (H.264) and creates distances of 1000 meters and more. The end to end delay is less than 90ms so you can use the wireless camera link at live events together with wired camera’s.
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  • Main Advantages

    1000 Meters range
  • Low delay (less than 90ms)
  • Reliable HD video link

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  • ABonAir

    ABonAir designeds sollutions for broadcast professionals. ABonAir's innovative systems transmit video content from cameras to OB-vans or control centers, using microwave technology. ABonAir product-line advantages include high-quality video, extended range, low delay, and bi-directional links ensuring 100% availability.

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