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Looking for an immense powerful digital audio mixing console If so the new Vista V is exactly what you need

Studer v Studer

You hold a responsibility for audio in a broadcast environment. And you need a mixing console with built in redundancy that can handle a wealth of different audio channels in a single desk. The return on investment for the console is important. So you are looking for a console that is so flexible that it can handle a variety of productions today and in the future. And that uses the latest technology so that is still state of the art years from now. A console that your audio engineers love to work on.

    Meet the new Studer Vista V

  • Infinity just got bigger with the 52 fader Vista V mixing console that uses Studer’s CPU-based infinity core. This core offers simultaneous processing of 800+ audio channels and support 5000 in- and outputs. Studer is the first to use CPU based audio processing creating exciting possibilities for scaling up and easily adding functionality. With the infinity core comes quadstar redundancy that uses four processors to achieve aviation-standard levels of redundancy. It also enables the use two independent DSP cores running in parallel with instant change over.

  • Audio engineers love the Vista concept

  • Whether you audio engineers are familiar with the intuitive interface of Vista consoles or not, they will love the Vista V from the start. The Vistonics concept and faderglow offer stress free mixing. Your audio engineers receive instant feedback from the desk while they are operating a certain function. The Vista V includes a comprehensive metering bridge. It includes a history display of 50 second of audio that allows to instantly capture clicks and overloads that are typically hard to find. Vista V makes it easy to work with sound processors. BSS DRP-901 Dynamic EQ Plug-In is assignable to any channel and runs directly on the Infinity Core. In addition you can add up to 6 Lexicon PCM96 processors and control them directly from the Vistonics interface. You can also connect u to 4 Soundcraft Realtime Racks that gives access to Universal Audio’s huge UAD plug-in library.

  • Main Advantages

    Unprecedented 800+ audio channels with superb sonic quality
  • More than 5000 inputs and outputs.
  • Higly scalebale
  • Aviation-standard system redundancy
  • Unique intuitive operation thanks to digital smartness and anlog look and feel
  • Many extra features like: VistaMix, VistaFX and/or seamless intergartion with automation/DAW systems