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Wednesday, 28 September 2016 08:04

Linwave's New Dual Ku Band BUC

Linwave's New Dual Ku Band BUC

The LW30-793208 Miniature Dual Ku Band BUC uses Linwave’s advanced manufacturing process to produce a dual band Ku BUC in a compact outline. The BUC is intended for use in conjunction with a power amplifier and is supplied as a single unit which can be integrated into a complete system.

Alternatively it can be fully weatherised for outdoor use with integral mains power supplies. Further options include lock detect indication and provision of an internal 10MHz reference. The BUC also includes high performance output filtering.

LW30-793208 Features:

- Dual Hi – Lo Ku band BUC
- Small outline
- Temperature compensated
- Lock detect output
- Can be used with Linwave driver amplifiers