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Tuesday, 27 September 2016 08:14

Linwave and Heynen Partner up

Linwave and Heynen Partner up

Linwave technology designs and manufactures microwave and RF components and/or subsystems in a seamless, concept to end-product process. Test and measurement capabilities extends to 94Ghz, allowing their manufacturing team to produce value added products, designed to exceed customer expectations.

Linwave's design team utilises state-of-art microwave simulation tools for circuit modeling and optimisation, to provide the robust product solutions their customers demand. Furthermore, a complete in house chip and wire assembly facility, allows Linwave to produce innovative products by utilising a chip 'n wire solution, integrated with laminate based surface mount techniques.

Customised Microwave Solutions

Design and manufacturing of high performance customised solutions for a wide range of microwave and RF applications in Military, Satellite, communications, telecoms, and industrial markets. Covering up to 77Ghz, Linwave integrated solutions provides options for adding enhanced functionality and/or raise (system) performance.

Typical Solutions:

K Band FMCW Radar Modules Microwave Source Modules
Marine Transponders Customised Wideband/EW/ECM Subsystems
High Power Broadband ruggedised Switches Aerospace

Converters & Transceivers

Solutions include block up and down converters for satellite communications, converters/transceivers for radar, and FMCW transceivers for industrial applications.

Typical Solutions: 

Military (Satcomms) Broadcasting
Aerospace IESS308 compliant, Extended Band Versions
In/External OCXO references (Gain controlled) High Power BUC's (indoor/outdoor/nano/custom)

Solid State Amplifiers

Design and manufacturing of high performance RF high power amplifiers for a wide variety of applications. Extensive experience of using different technologies using bare die and packaged devices. Principal markets to serve are defense, security, commercial, industrial, scientific and medical sectors.

Typical Solutions:

30Mhz - 30Ghz solutions 10W - 1000W solutions
GaN / LDMOS /GaAs Packaged / bare die / Integrated solutions
Medical Satcomms


Linwave offers a wide range of RF and Microwave diodes in standard, or custom packaging solutions. Diodes are available as screw based, push fit, cavity, stripline and surface mount (SMD). All of which as standard, single or double die configuration.

Typical Solutions:

Gunn (oscillator) Diodes Limiter Diodes
Detector Diodes Defense
Sport Automotive

QFN Multi Chip Modules - Defence / Satcomms / Marine

Typical Solutions:

Microwave Pin Limiters RF Pin Limiters
Microwave Limiters/LNA Microwave Detectors
Custom Solutions Hybrid Chip & Wire Assembly Capability