Network Monitoring and Analysis Solutions

Understand network performance and security on session-level

Understand network performance and security on session-level

You need to gain insight in the behaviour of each session in your complex network, to increase network performance and security? Preferably with a system that will also send you alarms when strange things are happening on the network. But your budget is limited and you don't want to make too many changes in your networks infrastructure.

    Stealth watch enhances network insight

  • Stealth watch enhances network insight Stealth watch is a flow-based solution that combines powerful performance monitoring to detect abnormal behavior. The flow-based concept ensures that the investments are limited, while still providing detailed session-level information about network traffic. StealthWatch offers over 90 unique flow statistics that automatically generates a baseline of you network based on this information. Deviations from the baseline often indicate problems with performance or security. In addition to extensive reporting on these these baseline deviations alarms can be generated for continuous monitoring

  • NetFlow

  • StealthWatch uses NetFlow or sFlow information generated by network components, allowing end-to-end visibility of the network behavior. For locations where no flow information is available, Lancope offers FlowSensor that generates this information based on the monitored traffic. This is possible for physical links and FlowSensor is also available as a software agent that generates flow information based on server performance or network traffic in a virtual environment

  • Main Advantages

    End-to-end network view
  • Low investment because flow information is collected
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Continuous monitoring of performance and security
  • Applicable both in physical- as in virtual networks