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Friday, 29 April 2016 12:13

KOA - Zero Ohm Jumper Overview

KOA - Zero Ohm Jumper Overview

There are two main reasons for designers to use Zero-Ohm resistors (Jumper). The first is to avoid using an additional layer when two traces have to cross on the same side of the PCB, the second is to make different circuit configurations using the same PCB layout. The advantage of SMD Jumper is, that they can be placed on the PCB using the same pattern and automated equipment used for standard SMD devices.

In high power applications a conventional Zero-Ohm resistor may be not be able to handle the higher currents. The SLZ and TLRZ series from KOA can carry currents up to 44 A. Additionally, these two series can be used for large current patterns with low impedance requirements.

Please also find the links to the datasheets of these jumper series on the KOA Europe webpage here:

TLRZ: http://www.koaeurope.de/at/koa/pdf/tlrz.pdf
SLZ: http://www.koaeurope.de/at/koa/pdf/sl.pdf
RK73Z: http://www.koaeurope.de/at/koa/pdf/rk73z.pdf
XR73Z: http://www.koaeurope.de/at/koa/pdf/xr73.pdf

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