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Kaschke SMPS Safety Transformers SmarterPower Supply Design

Kaschke SMPS Safety Transformers SmarterPower Supply Design

Do you want to outsource your standard or custom made coils and transformers? And you want to do this with a manufacturer with more than 50 years experience, we are gladly to present Kaschke. Kaschke leads the way in the development of standard transformer solutions for SMPS control IC's. All designs meet the necessary safety and performance criteria listed below and are in active production fulfilling many applications.


  • Having the correct and safe construction of an isolating transformer is vital. The transformer provides the main safety isolation barrier between lethal voltage and the end user. If you look at most EN safety standards they go into great detail on the specification of wound components. The qualification and design of safety rated parts are often difficult and time consuming. Kaschke offers you Integrated Safety Margin, at least 3.75kV Primary to Secondary Isolation as Standard. All parts use UL listed materials and are compliant to all EU Safety Standards.

  • Performance

  • With the integration of more control circuitry into the switching IC the most complex part of PSU design is often the transformer rather than the surrounding components. A poorly designed transformer will produce an inefficient and low performing power supply even with the best switching technology. Kaschke provides a lot of solutions. Kaschke Power Ferrite K2006, Low Loss. Optimized for Low Leakage Inductance. Optimized for Low Inter-winding capacity Shield Windings – Improved EMC spec.

  • Reliability

  • Repeatability is the critical component in all PSU designs. Variations in the tolerance or quality can lead to expensive over-design and field failure. The larger the production volume the larger the problem can be. Kaschke's transformer solutions meet all these criteria: They are designed for manufacturing. They are 100% tested. Triple insulated Wire on all parts. Fully Automated Production Process.

  • Main Advantages

    over 50 years of market experience
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Reliability

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  • The new Kaschke inquiry sheets are online!

    Are you working on a new design and you need a custom inductor or transformer?

    Please fill in the Kaschke inquiry sheet to get local technical support on your design and the best custom built inductor or transformer that will suit your needs.