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Monday, 11 June 2012 07:12

Kaschke Components GmbH a global company in Göttingen Germany

Kaschke Components GmbH a global company in Göttingen Germany

Even after more than half a century company's history and since long time operating in internationall business, Kaschke GmbH stay loyal to the city of Göttingen in Germany.

"We provide solutions" >>> This slogan describes the self-consciousness of Kaschke Components GmbH. The justification can firstly above all be found in the very sophisticated and modern development department and the modern and highly computerized production capacity. Products of Kaschke are being used in a lot of applications, such as: Starter key for automobiles, energy saving lamps and inverters. Generally spoken, Kaschke Components GmbH manufactures in Göttingen, Thüringen and Tunisia soft magnetic materials and inductive components for the international electronic industry. Kaschke is working in several market segments, these are: industrial electronics, automotive, medical, sensor techniques, and NEW- or GREEN energy invertors for solar cells and/or wind mills. A lot of these segments are very actual challenges in a global and technology driven world. As the requirements for a good medical care, a high level of mobility, entrance to a multimedia world and a sufficient energy network are today the connections between people all over the world. To be able to control this absolute essential vision, Kaschke has deliberately chosen for intelligent and efficient solutions. Also sparingly use of our energy recourses and development of long life products are very important components in the Kaschke company philosophy.

Half a century >>> Exactly 57 years ago Kurt Kaschke founded Kaschke KG GmbH & Co. and started with the production of carbonyl iron cores. These cores were mainly used in the production of antenna coils. In 1970 Kaschke added the production of filter coils for TV-applications. Another 4 years later mister Herbert Baumgartner took over the general management of Kaschke Components GmbH. In 2001 his daughter Silke Baumgartner joined the management team and started her activities as commercial director. To stay competitive in the market of inductive components, Kaschke started a subsidiary Kaschke Tunisie S.A.R.L. in Menzel Bou Zelfa in Tunisia. After the fall of the WALL in Germany in 1991, Kaschke also founded a subsidiary in Küllstedt in the eastern part of Germany. In the line of a risk sharing strategy, which was built up in a participation in balanced and different market segments, Kaschke started in 1994 the production of filter coils for airbag electronics in the automotive sector, and 1 year later the plant in Göttingen was utilized with a plastic moulding facility for the production of coil formers and plastic housings. Finally in 2007 Kaschke KG GmbH & Co was officially transformed into Kaschke Components GmbH. In 2009 two new members, Joachim Priess and Dr. Franz Bötzl, joined the management team. Together with Silke Baumgartner this management team continuously see to it that the development and production are always on the latest level of the requirements in the several market segments.

"Just in time"- solutions, connected to the development processes of the customer. Therefore the sector of renewal energies is already a daily activity within Kaschke. Last years Kaschke built up a big capacity for the very efficient production of a wide range of high power coils for the solar industry.

"Competence and Quality" >>> "Offering solutions" – it is this motivation, which reflects in many respects in the company structure of Kaschke Components GmbH. In front of all there is a global network of very experienced Key-account-Managers and Representatives. Customers in different market segments are being informed about the possibilities of cooperation with Kaschke, although they are still in the process of development. In this way, the engineers of Kaschke and the engineers of the customer are able to work closely together in a very early stage. Because of this cooperation, they are able to work to an optimal solution in a "Design to Cost" – process instead of finding a solution after the customer has finalized its development process. To be able to offer solutions in the highest technical stage, the staff of Kaschke's development departments is constantly exchanging its know-how with Technical High Schools and cooperates with reputable semiconductor manufacturers, like: Power Integration, Infineon and Fairchild. Quality is assured by means of regular and intensive certification activities in all facilities and in all layers of Kaschke Components GmbH.

"Global in Göttingen" >>> With a worldwide organization of purchasing and sales and a smart distribution of activities in all important market segments of electronic industry. Kaschke is still developing very positively in years. Also in the future Kaschke will stay loyal to the town of Göttingen, at this moment a new facility of 2.300 m2 is being built for warehouse and logistics. Since 1960 Kaschke is very successful in the field of inductive components and although the economical situation in the world is not really booming, Kaschke even invested € 4 million in new facilities with great expectations in the coming years.

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