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Kaschke Common Mode Chokes, more power in less space

Kaschke Common Mode Chokes, more power in less space

You're designing a high power application and have some problems with the EMC. You're trying to block the higher-frequency AC while allowing the lower frequency to pass by applying a choke. However there is to less space in the application for this solution.

The Kaschke common mode filter chokes are designed to meet the EMC regulations even in difficult environments!

    Common mode

  • Common mode chokes consists of two coils which are wound on a single core. They are useful for prevention of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) from power supply lines and for prevention of malfunctioning of electronic equipment. Common mode chokes pass differential currents while blocking common mode currents.

  • Higher power in less space

  • Almost all electronics circuits require the use of Common mode chokes to filter out the conducted switching and Radio Frequency noise coming from the power sources such as Switching Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) or other line power outlets. These high frequency noises can affect the performance of other electronic devices, causing potential failures. The rising demand for higher power in less space is driving engineers to design at higher switching frequencies. The advantage is a tighter package, but also brings new challenges for EMC filtering components. The Kaschke common mode filter chokes are designed to meet the EMC regulations even in difficult environments. All chokes have the release according to EN 138100 resp. DIN EN60938-2 (VDE 0565 type 2-1). Besides all thermoplastic materials used are UL94-V0 listed.

  • New Kaschke brochure

  • Kaschke has launched a new brochure for Common mode toroid chokes. You're able to download it below. Can't find what you're looking for? Kaschke develops and manufactures innovative and customized inductive components, fitted to your needs at highest technical level. Just contact Heynen to provide you the requested solution.

  • Main Advantages

    Broad damping characteristics
  • Good attenuation of symmetrical and asymetrical noises
  • High temperature range (Class B, 130ºC)
  • Low sensitivity to saturation

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  • Kaschke Components

    Kaschke gmbh has been one of the leading companies in the production of soft magnetic ferrites and inductive components since being founded in 1955. Through continuous dialogue with our customers, we have always managed to maintain the most current expertise and are able to offer a product range specifically suited to the needs of our business partners

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