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Monday, 20 October 2014 06:53

Jianghai introduces new capacitor series and technologies

Jianghai introduces new capacitor series and technologies

Jianghai Europe puts new capacitor series and technologies on display at this year's electronica 2014 fair in Munich (Hall B6, Booth 312).

For the first time, Jianghai Europe presents polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors with industry leading rated voltage of 200 V. The polymer capacitors are available in both SMT and radial leaded styles and comprise extremely low ESR values ranging from 5 to 100 mΩ across the entire operating temperature range, and life time up to 5,000 h at 105 °C and 1,000 h at 125°C.

Three new snap-in series offer high ripple current capability, life time up to 12,000 h while being highly reliable and compact in size. Typical applications for these capacitors with rated voltage up to 500 V are inverters for both inductive and servo drives, uninterruptable power supplies, and renewable energy.

For the higher voltage range up to 1,500 V, Jianghai Europe introduces dry, cylindrical polypropylene film capacitors for dc-link applications.

At the booth, there is the unique opportunity to talk about current products and future technologies, e.g. super capacitors and advanced batteries, as both Jianghai's senior R&D experts from China and the European sales force will be present.

The new series can be ordered in sample and production quantities from now on. For further information or individual design-in support please contact us.