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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 07:42

ISKRA's MiEm Energy Management Software

ISKRA's MiEm Energy Management Software

Why does Energy Management Matter? Energy represents about 19% of total expenditure in a typical office building. Facilities managers in fact know that most buildings consume up to 30% more energy than is necessary. Monthly energy bills give no useful information to reduce energy consumption. However, continuous monitoring of an energy system in a building can reduce your annual energy cost from 10% to 20%!

Iskra Energy Manager (MiEm) is a cloud-based energy management and analytics software for reducing energy consumption and cost. It offers custom dashboards for various users like energy managers, maintenance staff, financial officers, executive officers. In an easy-to-configure manner, set your control panel or dashboard based on project main indicators according to your vision or needs. The otherwise complex usage data is now easily understandable. Collect data from thousands of locations and classify it by tag or zone. Share dashboards quick and easy between users and reduce configuration time.

Real-time analytics and monitoring from global to local. Analyze your data regardless of the project complexity, from overall consumption, to in-deep sub-metering.  Different sources like for example electricity, gas, water, liquid fuels, compressed air can be all be measured. More than 10 types of advanced analysis presets like cost allocation, passive consumption, reactive, peak demand, etc.

Benchmark at any level through Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI’s). Make decisions upon reliable information gained by using advanced benchmarking techniques, thus investing only in Energy Efficiency where it is the most profitable. Discover your lowest energy efficiënt facilities company wide, and invest in improving these for greater savings potential, and higher returns. Certify these acquired energy savings according to IPMVP protocol, by comparing your current consumption with your baseline. You can also automate receiving advanced data analysis by e-mail, weekly or monthly, for easier decision making.

  • Energy resource consumption analysis
  • Metering project implementation
  • Continuous Energy management
  • ISO 50001 compliance