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Monday, 09 May 2016 09:54

Iskra - Radio Interference Suppression Capacitors & Filters

Iskra - Radio Interference Suppression Capacitors & Filters

System design engineers have to use many capacitors to filter digital noise & prevent radio interference from spreading from the device.
Some key Iskra advantages are; customisation of the products for your unique needs, compliance with the latest standards, strict quality control, in house metallization process of the film foil and automated manufacturing & testing facilities.

Origin and spreading of interference can be found in devices which, due to their construction produce RF energy. As in devices which produce a wide spectrum of frequencies, due to rapid variations in electrical current intensity. These interferences are mainly spread in three ways...along conductors, by coupling, and by radiation. With frequencies up to approximately 30 MHz, interference is spread mainly along the installed electrical conductors. Frequencies higher than 30 MHz are spread by radiation since interference source dimensions and terminal conductors are in order of size to the wavelength of the radiated interference. Therefore, metal parts have the same function as antennas. In order to provide the best perfomance of communication and other equipment, radio interference has to be reduced. Permitted levels of interference are defined in national and international regulations. Recommendations given by the CISPR (Comite International Special de Perturbation   Radioelectriques) are as follows: CISPR Publ.11, CISPR Publ.14, EN 55011, EN 55014.

Suppression of Interference can be achieved by reducing the interference origin, and preventing the interference from spreading from its origin. Spreading of interference is generally suppressed by suppression components connected to the terminal of the power source of the device (network, battery) and in certain cases, to the source of interference of the device (brushes of the motor, switches, relays), or by shielding the device. Suppression components are capacitors, chokes, filter sets consisting of capacitors, chokes and resistors.

Iskra Components for radio-interference suppression reaches you in following applications:

  • Home Appliances
  • Chargers
  • Audio & Video
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Electrical (Power) Tools