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Monday, 02 May 2016 07:17

IPDia Aerospace Performance -250°C to 250°C Grade Silicon Capacitors

IPDia Aerospace Performance -250°C to 250°C Grade Silicon Capacitors

IPDiA silicon capacitors, already used extensively for a number of years in miniaturized high reliability equipment, show unique stability and reliability performances coupled with high temperature ratings and miniaturization in x, y axis, but also in z axis (low profile down to 100 μm thick) as well as extremely low total weight/μF. IPDiA R&D center, with the help of Alter Technology, is evaluating the Silicon Technology for Aerospace applications, under ESA TRP reference (n° T723-325QT).

The manufacture of IPDiA passive components is based on the PICS technology (Passive Integration Connecting Substrate). The benefits of this integrated passive silicon technology have already been demonstrated in terms of extremely high reliability, low leakage current, high stability, low aging and compliancy with high operating temperature. Due to their close integration to active components and innovative assembly technology, passive devices “on silicon die” offer significant improvements for signal integrity and space savings compared with the commonly used SMD components.

The most common trend in military & aerospace applications is reduction in feature sizes, while targeting higher reliability over performances, hence growing functionality and the overall content of electronics. In the passive components category, Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) are trying to follow this trend. According to several reliability models, it is proven that as capacitance per volume has increased, the long term reliability of the capacitor has been significantly impacted due to inherent MLCC technology.

The attached (pdf) paper below, reports on IPDiA high-density silicon capacitors for Aerospace applications, where miniaturization, weight saving with enhanced reliability are targeted. It also presents some results on capacitance stability, voltage derating, leakage current, lifetime and electromagnetic compatibility.

Keywords: Space evaluation capacitor, Radiation tests, high reliability capacitor, High temperature capacitor, Space grade capacitor, Space level capacitor, Cryogenic ultra low temperature down to 4 K, Miniaturization, High frequency performances.