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How to specify a customized Filter design

How to specify a customized Filter design

As an electronics design engineer working with RF signals, it is not the easiest part to select the proper filter characteristics. Communicating all the required parameters for a matching filter design and quotation is always a challenge. BSC filters helps you by providing a web-interface for several types of filters to assist you with providing complete and correct infomation to BSC so that BSC can make an initial proposal for the requested part. This can be an already existing part or a part which needs to be designed from scratch.

    Requirement Assistance

  • BSC offers you several webpages that you can use to define your filter requirements. A drawing explains the different parameters that are of importance to BSC to base a design on. Specific webpages are available for Bandpass, Bandstop, High pass and Low Pass Filters and there is also a webpage for diplexers.

  • Filter Definition Phase

  • The BSC engineer studies your requirements and selects the proper technology. Then collects, if needed, additional information and creates an initial proposal. Together with you the best fitting solution is chosen and the specification phase is closed, all parameters are fully documented.

  • Implementation Phase

  • BSC defines all steps within the production environment and manufactures the custom filter at BSC's facilities.

  • Main Advantages

    Filter Specification Assistance
  • Fully customized solution possibble
  • Fast Prototyping