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High Voltage SM Capacitors

High Voltage SM Capacitors

Is High Voltage in relatively small case sizes a great issue for you?  ProtectiCap™ of Syfer will open a lot of oppertunities. The integral coating of this capacitor series minimizes the risk of flashover from one termination of the chip to the other, without any requirement for the customer to apply conformal coating after soldering.


  • The new ProtectiCap™ high voltage range has been introduced by Syfer Techn. to specifically address this issue.


  • Power supplies, Lighting ballasts, Inverters / DC links and in general high voltage circuits.

  • Main Advantages

    Resistant against HV-flaschover
  • Voltage up to 5kV
  • HV in small case sizee sizes 1206 to 2220
  • Case sizes 1206 to 2220