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Thursday, 10 July 2014 07:32

High Temperature Real Time Clock Oscillators

High Temperature Real Time Clock Oscillators

Vectron offers a High Temperature Low Power Real Time Clock Crystal Oscillator (HT RTC XO) product platform for extreme environment applications. Compared to traditional RTC solutions with 32.768kHz tuning folk resonator design, Vectron's HT RTC XO solution provides unsurpassed reliability with long lifetime at elevated temperatures and exceptional temperature stability performance for high temperature, high shock & vibration applications.


  • Output frequency 32.768kHz
  • Continuous operating temperature range of -55oC to 200oC
  • 1.8Vdc or 5.0Vdc operation
  • Available in three standard product footprints
  • Tight temperature stability for improved timing accuracy
  • Product is free of lead and compliant to EC RoHS directive


  • Oil / Gas downhole tool
  • Geophysical services
  • High temperature industrial process control
  • Extended temperature Military/Aerospace
  • Avionics
  • Engine control