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High current measurement with Isascale

High current measurement with Isascale

 Do you work with high currents and have a challenge with measuring current, voltage and temperature? The need for accurate measurement of electronic currents is growing and you need a reliable measuring system and the right knowledge to apply this system.

    ISAscale ®

  • Under the brand name ISAscale ® Isabellenhütte offers a broad range of such precision measurement systems.These systems are characterized by simple operation and high precision and are based on years of experience in measurement technology. The ISAscale ® products are applied in the automotive industry, renewable energy, battery management, power electronics, etc.

  • Measure high currents with high accuracy

  • This product family, you have access to a wide variety of solutions for current, voltage and temperature measurement. Applicable in various environments and applications The IAS is a full analog type sensor without digital interface, making it smaller and also a "low cost" solution. The application of this sensor are automotive, energy management and power measurement standard. The flexibility in parameter choice momentary power peaks measured from 800 A (100 ms) with an accuracy of 20mA The IPC module is used for "high speed" phase / current measurement shunt basis. Any problems with the management of heavy engines then this module is an ideal way to gain insight into the process. As an additional module provides the overcurrent protection with a response time of to appr. ± 1500 A with an accuracy of 50. These modules enable you to perform electrical current-, voltage- and temperature measurements with a high resolution. Another application are highly accurate temperature measerements based on thermocouples. Depending on the sensor ranging from -200°C up to 1200°C. You can not only perform measurements but you can also store, process and graphically display the measurement results. Isabellenhütte has years of experience in the above techniques and can work with you to develop custom solutions. Are you workinkg on an application where you need to accurately measure high current? Contact us so that we can give a matching advise.

  • Main Advantages

    Highly accurate measurements at high currents
  • Custom solution for you application
  • Simultanuously measure current, voltage and temperature