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Monday, 18 June 2012 09:43

High Capacitance Value Chips and Assemblies

High Capacitance Value Chips and Assemblies

Novacap offers a line of high-capacitance multilayer ceramic capacitors that combine higher volumetric capacitance per given board area with lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) than alternative solutions.

The high-capacitance X7R and X8R devices are packaged in 0402 to 1812 case sizes with a capacitance value range of 100 pF to 100 µF. These devices are ideal for replacing polarized tantalum and electrolytic capacitors to simplify manufacturing. Their low ESR characteristics, typically one to two orders of magnitude lower than alternative devices at frequencies greater than 10 kHZ, allow for comparable filter circuit designs to be achieved at typically one-third to one-fifth of the capacitance values. These capacitors are offered with standard nickel, silver/palladium or gold terminations in chip or stacked configurations. Typical applications for these capacitors include digital circuits, power supply bypass capacitors, LCD modules, smoothing capacitors and input-output filters in DC-DC converters.


  • Novacap

    NOVACAP is committed to manufacturing superior quality multilayer ceramic chip capacitors. Product offerings include surface mount capacitors from the 0402 case size to larger high voltage units (up to 20kV) for Commercial and High Reliability applications. NOVACAP also specializes in application specific capacitors and capacitor assemblies

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