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Hi-Tech Resistors (HTR)

Hi-Tech Resistors

Hi Tech Resistor Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1986 as a specialist manufacturer of standard fixed wire wound resistors with basic technology aquired from Samsung Co. Ltd. HTR transformed itself into a modern and broad based manufacturer of wire wound resistive products, with state-of-the-art design and testing capabilities which are comparable with the best of the world.

    Country: India
    Website: http://htr-india.com

    Supplier's speciality

  • - Fixed wire wound resistors
  • - Fusible resistors
  • - Low ohm/current sense resistive devices

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  • A new range of Electron Beam Welded, low ohm current sense resistors at HTR

    At this years Electronica, from November 11th until November 14th in Munich, HTR takes pride in introducing a new range of Electron Beam Welded low ohm/ current sense resistors. These resistors or shunts are very much on the cutting edge of developing resistor technology and these type of resistors might be a replacement for similar resistors made by Vishay.

  • HTR Resistor finder App

    HI-TECH RESISTORS PVT. LTD, popularly known as HTR in the electronics industry worldwide, is a highly innovative manufacturer of wire wound and low ohm current sense resistors.

    To show that HTR is not only innovative in the production of resistors, they have introduced an App "The HTR Resistor Finder". This App is already available to users of smart phones on Android technology and can be downloaded free from the App store today.

  • Pulse - Surge Capability of Resistors

    Due to existing needs, many modern electronic circuits and apparatus experience transient pulses and surges. This in turn has led to the need to "design in" transient surge protection especially in circuits like motor controllers.


    HTR an ISO/TS 16949 : 2009 Certified manufacturer has received UL Certification as per UL 1412 (HTR file #E342534) for their range of safety fusible Wire Wound Resistors. These devices are manufactured using specially selected wires which are wound on thermally efficient ceramic body & welded to end caps thus creating a fully welded product for 100% reliability.