Heynen ServiceDesk

Your organisation applies innovative services and solutions. And it is of importance to you that the availability of the networks, equipment and systems you operate is maximized. Because availability is a key factor to your success. The Heynen ServiceDesk offers professional services that help you reach this goal.


  • ITIL based incident registration and follow up
    ITIL based incident registration and follow up Are there any best practices that can be addopted to service management? Heynen adopted the ITIL IT Sevice Management framework to the registration and follow up of incidents. This is the best way to keep track of all service related activities.
  • Managed spare parts stock
    Managed spare parts stock You rely on tools and equipment to run your business. And sometimes the tools and equipment fail or break down. Having a spare part stock available significantly reduces the Mean Time To Repair and gets you up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Energy Cable test equipment services
    Energy Cable test equipment services

    Especially for Energy Cable Test equipment that deals with high power cabling, correct and safe operation is a must. With the service that Heynen provides for these instruments, safety is the most important aspect and each repair or calibration includes safety checks.