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Monday, 05 October 2015 15:18

Heynen congratulates Microtech GmbH Electronic on its 25th anniverary

Heynen congratulates Microtech GmbH Electronic on its 25th anniverary

The Brandenburger manufacturer of high quality chip resistors is celebrating its 25th anniversary in these days.
The headquartered manufacturer in Teltow, a traditional site for the electrical industry, is a strategic and reliable partner of many worldwide operating companies.

Microtech provides its customers, which develop so-called high-end devices such as devices for Automation, Medical technology and devices for measurement and control technology, with chip resistors and -sensors of consistently high quality.
Besides, the family-owned company operates innovative and meets the individual requirements of customers with high technical know-how.

On October 4th 1990, Joachim Barthel, owner and CEO of Microtech GmbH electronic, registered the company in the commercial register in Potsdam together with another co-founder and thereby confirmed the privatization.
From that time and to this day, Microtech shows itself with its good name in the national, European and global world market of the electronics industry.
On the list of its long term and strategic partners are the "Who is Who" of the Electronics industry.
Owner Joachim Barthel says in retrospect: "Every individual, whether in production, administration and sales and our global sales partners, has contributed to the 25 years of successful corporate history."

The highly automated German-based production site manufactures chip resistors and sensors with an annual total of more than 400 million pieces.
The chip resistors and sensors are produced in two different production technologies and each technology in 9 different sizes.
18 standard product series are offered, each with 3 possible contact versions. Also special series are offered, for example non-magnetic resistors for medical applications or corrosive gas resistant resistors for automotive applications.
Combined with the required resistance values ranging from 20 milliohms to Gigaohm, the production spectrum is enormously extensive and flexible.
This diversity however is required by the demanding electronics industry and needed for the increasing number of innovative products.
In order for each customer application to use exactly the resistance with the properties required for stability, durability and precision, the market is looking for a flexible and innovative partner with a quick response time and flat hierarchies, which can be found at small and and medium-sized manufacturers.

Microtech is a modern, stable operating company with ISO certifications for production, management and environment.
The corporate management has committed themselves to both regional and national social responsibility.
Microtech is among others an active member of the Central Association of the Electronics Industry ZVEI - one of the most important industrial associations in Germany.
The future of the company is secured by family business succession. Hereby, Microtech GmbH Electronics is known in the region as a reliable employer with a good reputation.

The corporate founder, Joachim Barthel, who is still active in the company, as well as his daughter, Michaela Behrendt, who is leading the company now would like to thank all employees, former employees, suppliers and most of all the highly valued customers for their contribution to the joint success over the previous 25 years.


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